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Travel to Morocco to discover the most unique adventures of your life. If you like, the ocean, mountains, rivers, oases and beautiful deserts they are here for you to explore. Also, if you love culture, architecture and design you will profoundly enjoy journeying through Morocco.

Not to mention the most beautiful exciting city in North Africa, Marrakech. Where the old and new coexist harmoniously, which is what gives Marrakech it’s special charm.

Why travel to Morocco? 

  • Fine Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches
  • Desert Sahara excursions, sleeping in bedouine tents, riding camels, gazing at night skies lit by millions of stars
  • Wondrous imperial cities
  • Roman antiquities
  • Resort facilities
  • Atlas mountains, for hiking, trekking or skiing
  • Berber mountain villages (visit their homes)
  • Oases and Kasbahs
  • Beautiful sand dunes by the beach
  • Discover Marrakech, The Red City; the Medina; the Souks; place Jemaa El Fna; most luxurious Riads and Hotels

Why travel with us?

If you are looking for an adventure, and you are trying to avoid the usual tourist attractions, you are right in travelling with us. If you like to explore the off beaten track places, where you can meet the Berbers, view their villages, farms, homes and If you would like to be invited to their homes and have a cup of traditional peppermint tea and experience their hospitality, with us you will have that opportunity:

  • We offer you individual unique trips throughout Morocco.
  • Your choice of destination and length of the trip.
  • Custom made travel and excellent service.
  • One person to big groups.
  • We cater to VIPs.
  • The possibilities here are endless.

These activities may interest you. 

Can’t figure out what trips and activities may interest you? There are some of options:

  • Sunset dinner alone in the desert dunes in Merzouga, Erg Chebbi
  • Stay in a luxury tent, with tiles and rugs on the floor, with bathroom and hot water
  • Visit the places where movies such as “Seven years in Tibet” and others have been filmed
  • Have your own driver take you off the beaten track, somewhere in small Berber villages, and experience their hospitality.
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