Tangier is placed in a location where by it almost dominates miles of coastline around Mediterranean Sea. with our tours in tangier you will be able to stand on the edge of the cliffs and look out to the sea where you will have a nice view of Gibraltar harbour before it ends in to the barren mountains of which there is nothing further north than the sea and the European continent. Alongside the beach there are many restaurants where you can eat delicious meals any time of the day.

As the visitor can experience wonderful camel rides that are available the whole day. The medina of Tangier is a worthy place to visit, with beautiful narrow streets, houses in many special styles, and most of the medina is in excellent conditions. The medina is relatively big, as there are many business areas. Most of them serve the tourists who are keen to shop in this part of the city, and try to find bargains mainly to do with handcraft goods made by local artists.

Tangier attractions

Tangier is known as ‘The City That Does Not Sleep’ There are a lot of bars and clubs with different atmospheres, depending on what you are in the mood for. Bars are scattered all over the city. Some are Spanish, French, Moroccan, English and even Irish. Drinks are relatively cheap and they all offer free tapas. Clubs are mainly situated on the beach front with some in the city centre and a few on the outskirts of town. Clubs again vary in theme from Spanish Latino, live international bands, and cabarets.

Tangier is located on the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean which gives it miles of open sand beaches. The beaches are nice and clean with the Mediterranean having calm waters for enjoying sport activities such as, jet skies, horse and camel riding, walking and many other sports. Where as the Atlantic is where all the surfers, sailors and quad-bike sports can be exercised.

Safety in Tangier

Tangier is relatively a safe place compared to many big cities. The only trouble you will come across is the persistent touts who you should disregard. Police officers are generally all over the city to ensure that the public and visitors are kept safe. If you are ever lost in the streets of the old medina, don’t worry, it’s easy to find your way again by either heading uphill to leave the old medina or going downhill which will lead you to the Port.



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