Spain and Morocco Tours

Spain and Morocco Tours


Evocative places, stunning scenery, great climate, and a well-deserved reputation for hospitality have made Morocco a popular tourist destination for years. Occupying the North West corner of Africa with a coastline stretching from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, Morocco is only a short flight from Europe and is even visible from Gibraltar.
It has more ancient buildings than you can shake a stick at, from Roman to Arab, and was the staging point for the Muslim conquest of Spain.
Morocco is a place where you can visit Casablanca, explore the Sahara Desert, relax on a beach and climb in the Atlas Mountains on the same holiday. It’s a country compact enough to visit for a short break or a place you could stay for weeks and not see everything.
With such a long history, and having so many influences from Roman to French, Morocco has a great deal of history that can be seen, as well as a lively cosmopolitan present around the main cities.

Why you need to travel to morocco

If you are a travel junkie and are looking for your next travel destination morocco is your go-to. Morocco is one of the top 20 destinations in the world. It is a very exotic yet safe place for tourists, especially. It has all types of diverse places to check out, as there are historic landscapes, Islamic and Roman sites as well as modern cultural heritage. It is safe to say that you need to travel to morocco if you want the best exotic vacation of the year.

Here are some reasons why you need to travel to Morocco:

  1. Sahara desert: It is the main reason and attraction for people to travel to morocco. It is a very safe place for tourists and has the most beautiful sand dunes and is a delightful sight for anyone in particular. There are no unsafe territories, and you can easily travel in an out as the local tour guides are really helpful.
  2. Morocco mint tea and pastries: These two things are the specialty of morocco, and whenever you travel to morocco these are a must-try as they are best enjoyed in the evenings while you sit outside and enjoy the tropical weather.
  3. Landscapes: They are not described best in the pictures; you need to check them out yourself for sure as their beauty is next level. The most famous cities are Marrakech and Casablanca, just like the time of Lawrence of Arabia, you will see an oasis, orange and green valleys, and mountains crossing beautifully along the way. You can get good photography done on such sites for your travel memories as well. It is just unbelievably the safest and preserved place to visit. Their traditions and landmarks are still preserved like they were in the past
  4. Colors: Morocco is the most bright and colorful country in the whole atlas. You will see every house and infrastructure in bold, beautiful colors like orange, red, green and yellow, etc. nature is full of bright colors every sight is in its own way gorgeous. You will literally find peace here.
  5. Hotels with beautiful views: You can’t miss a hotel terrace view in morocco. In the evenings whenever you will sit down in your hotel terrace for tea, it will take much longer for you to leave that place than planned as its view is just eye-catching. The best hotel you can find in Marrakech is hotel Mamounia. It is the ultimate grand and luxurious hotel in morocco, and it is mandatory for tourists to stay in this place and even if it’s not that affordable you can visit its restaurants for the freshest and delicious delicacies and see the terrace views with mint teas and cookies/pastries.

As it’s explained here that morocco is your go-to and you need to visit this place at least once in your lifetime for a fun package filled with adventure and memories. Pack your bags and plan your next vacay trip for morocco.


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