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With a coastline on the Mediterranean and on the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco is a natural place to plan a holiday. This North African country is very popular with tourists and travelers from all around the world; Morocco vacation often begin in Casablanca and can extend to many other parts of this fascinating country. Between its amazing culture and many entertaining and intriguing attractions, it is not surprising that so many people plan long trips to this diverse nation. Whether you are heading into Morocco from Spain, Algeria or one of the two seas that border it, you can be sure that your trip will be unforgettable and chock full of fantastic dining, sights, relaxation and other great characteristics.

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Casablanca is one of the most popular starting points for many Morocco vacations; that’s large because it has a major airport that visitors often fly into. Indeed, the Mohammed V International Airport offers flights originating in many European cities, making Casablanca a natural sport to begin an exploration of Morocco. Like many parts of this country, a large part of Casablanca’s economy revolves around the tourism industry; therefore, visitors are well taken care of and catered to by the people there. You can be certain that when visiting Casablanca, you will have a lovely introduction to Morocco and will be eager to explore and learn more about the country. Even if you simply spend most of your time here laying on the Atlantic beaches, you are bound to come away with many great memories. From Casablanca, you can easily go on to explore many other phenomenal parts of the country and have a holiday that is sure to surpass your wildest expectations.

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If you are approaching Morocco from Spain, you will most likely arrive in Tangier via the ferry boat. This is another great way to be introduced to the culture of Morocco, as Tangier is bursting at its seams with excellent attractions and amazing cuisine. Throughout history, many people have flocked to Tangier, and it is easy to see why. In many ways, this city exemplifies what Morocco trips are all about: multiculturalism, history, art and many other intriguing things blended together to create something entirely unique. You really won’t find anywhere else in the world quite like Morocco.

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