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Morocco tours takes you to the tranquil sand dunes of the Sahara desert, the modern cities of Fez and Casablanca, and the mystical Berber villages. This Morocco tour lets you experience the rich history, culture and the geography of Morocco. You can visit the casbahs and lose yourself in the magical and memorable vistas of Morocco. The Ultimate Morocco tour takes you from the ancient cities to the majestic beaches of Morocco, making this tour a memory of a lifetime for you. We are a luxury Morocco travel agency and we can organize an exciting Morocco Tour at very reasonable prices, check out our tour package.

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Morocco Tours for Cheap Short Breaks in Morocco

When it comes to tourist hotspots, Morocco attracts a big draw, since it is an ideal destination for city-breakers, adventure and sun-seekers alike. Standing next only to Egypt, the North African holiday destination’s tourism sector nearly accounts for 10% of the overall GDP. Turning the country into a highly sought after holiday destination for those who always had an eye for something extraordinary.

Custom Design Morocco Tours

Well-served by both budget and scheduled airlines, there is no dearth of revelers vouching for Morocco tour packages. Getting enlisted for a custom design Morocco tours itinerary inclusive of destinations such as Marrakesh, Casablanca, Fès and Tangier – the latter considered to be an important ferry point for visitors from Spain intending to take short and cheap breaks in Morocco.

South Morocco Tours Packages

Booking South-driven Morocco tours means individuals have at their disposal the liberty to go ahead and enjoy the warm days and cool nights of the autumn season, a time ideal for witnessing Morocco in its true glory. Yet, at the same time giving one the opportunity to a take a trekking trip to the high-altitude Atlas Mountains or better still even tackle the Jebel Toubkal, North Africa’s highest mountain. All the more, even going on to indulge in a well-deserved break in the gorgeous Ameln Valley or basking in the glory of the heavily wooded Rif Mountains.

South Morocco is among the most sparsely populated places in the world and mainly desert flatlands. Many visitors enjoy watching the sand dunes at sunrise or sunset shift and change colour as the pink sand merges into gold and deepens into red as the sun continues on its journey. However, this is just the beginning of the magical landscape that has so much more to offer.

Explore the Moroccan Sahara

There are many different ways to explore the Moroccan Sahara from the main cities of Morocco either on camel or in a 4X4 vehicle. The word Erg means sand seas, and it is perfectly descriptive. The golden waves that appear still are constantly shifting. The Erg Chebbi is a chain of sand dunes that are gradually drifting and sometimes reach 160 metres high. They have the advantage of being near a highway, so they are easy to see for the casual traveller, but the Erg Chigaga dunes can only be reached on camels or in a 4X4 vehicle. There are also some smaller dunes south of Marrakech, near Zagora. These dunes are not nearly as majestic as the above Ergs, but for a short trek by camel they are a great introduction to Morocco and offer the chance to sleep in the tents of a nomad camp.

The Charms of the Desert at Night

Sleeping in a nomad camp is one of the highlights of a Moroccan Sahara trek. Three or four days are the ideal time to spend trekking the dunes, and seeing the starry sky at night away from city lights is truly the experience of a lifetime. The stars are so crowded together it is easy to see the same pictures in the sky that ancient people saw which today we call constellations.

Book Cheap Morocco Tour Packages

With Ramadan over and autumn in all its glory, Morocco becomes a highly sought after tourist destination. And even though accommodation prices may be at their peak, everyone is in high spirits at the closing stages of the festival. Indeed, at the same time turning out to be an ideal time to dive into the winding streets of the Fès Medina (a celebration honoring its founder through a huge religious festival in the month of September) or giving visitors an opportunity to snag a wife via Imilchil’s Berber Marriage festival.

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What to Expect

Most hotels will arrange tours of the desert dunes and private vehicles with air conditioning and a local driver if required. These tours can depart from Ouarzazate, Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, Tangier or other places. The Erg Chebbi dunes can be visited while travelling between Fes and Marrakech. Fees include camel treks for a few hours to overnight stays in a Berber tent with dinner and breakfast included. Erg Chebbi camel treks can be for one to five days. The longer treks are not for the casual tourist. This trek is from a page out of history exactly how thousands of people traversed the desert for centuries. Visitors experience the slow and silent passing of time in the desert while they enjoy mint tea in the shade of the oasis. At Merzouga, there are over 70 hotels on the edge of the dunes which make it easy to walk into the desert without a guide. Deep in the desert are the nomad camps, but there are luxury camps along the edge. Ouarzazate is unique as the town at the crossroads of east and west as well as north and south. It is a good base from which to explore the southern dunes and oases. M’Hamid is a small town on the edge of the Sahara. It is a five hour drive from Ouarzazate and an eight hour drive from Marrakech, but the drive is worth it. It travels through different landscapes and villages to end at the beginning of the sea of sand. It is a good base for trips into the Sahara or visitors can make camp on one of the dunes, cook over a campfire and enjoy the perfect silence of the desert. To reach the Erg Chigaga dunes from M’Hamid, travellers take a three day trek by camel. The desert in this area is protected and the only accommodation is the desert camps. Between Marrakech and Fes there are tours to Erg Chebbi that include a camel trek and a night in the dunes. This also includes a visit to the cedar forests where there are Macaque monkeys, the Ziz, Todra and Dades gorges, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ait Benhaddou and a traditional Kasbah in Telouet.

Comfortable Clothing is recommended

Loose fitting or baggy clothing is the most comfortable for camel trekking. In the winter, layering is best with a wind-proof jacket. The desert gets cold at night so a fleece or warm jacket is helpful. Bring a torch, a sleeping bag in winter and a sleeping bag liner in the summer. For a better experience in the desert and with the local people, it is recommended to dress respectfully with long shorts and short sleeved T-shirts. Tours of the Sahara are a very special type of experience with new wonders every day. Being able to ride a camel is alone worth the experience, but the subtle beauty of the dunes and the sky at night are like nowhere else on earth

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