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Morocco Tours and Packages

Our Morocco Tours takes you on a splendid journey through the Sahara sand dunes, the magical cities of Marrakech, Fes, Tangier, Agadir, Casablanca and the ancient Berber villages. You can experience the true nature of Morocco through this tour as the journey unravels the rich history, culture and geography of this beautiful country. On these Morocco tours you will travel from the sprawling beaches to the ancient mountain ranges that have stood the test of time. We, at Top Morocco Travel are a luxury travel tour company and tour operator in Morocco and  and we can arrange a superb Morocco trip for you at most affordable prices.

Experience Morocco like a local with our unique and private tours in Morocco. There is a huge variety of things to see and do, and we have selected a variety of packages trips to give you some amazing experiences, memories and connect with the local Moroccan people.

We offer active, cultural adventure tours that highlight the best of Morocco. Individuals or groups are welcome to sign up for any tour date. Small groups or families can also contact us should they want to arrange their own private tour of Morocco of at least seven days.

We have many activities included: guided Morocco excursions to World Heritage Sites, visits to historical monuments, stays in rural villages, a camel trek in the Sahara Desert, various opportunities for hikes, an optional summiting of Mount Toubkal in the High Atlas Mountains, rock climbing in the Todra Gorge, windsurfing or kite surfing, meals at families’ homes, an optional Moroccan cuisine cooking class, and daily Moroccan Arabic language classes.

Our tour guides always make sure that the tour runs smoothly and gives you advice on the social customs and etiquette to help you understand the culture better. They will teach you useful words and phrases in Moroccan Arabic each day so you can bargain for souvenirs, or just get to know the wonderful people of Morocco.

The guides we use along the way are all certified and official Moroccan tour guides that have been accommodating tourists for many years as well. We make sure all of the places we go to and the establishments we use are safe and clean, and the people we work with are honest and reliable.

We are different on how we conceive things, and everybody is different from others in some things. We take this fact into consideration to let you have your own tour. Our Packages give you a combination of places that will make your tour a complete one. Morocco offers many places to do outdoor activities and city tours. Just drop us an email and we will put you through the possible options for a memorable Moroccan experience. We currently offer tour of Morocco in the following destinations:

For the globetrotter who wants to settle for nothing but the best, Morocco is an ideal haven. Rich with an enchanting medieval culture consisting of exotic sights, sounds, scents and mesmerizing beauty of medians and mosques, it is really every traveller’s dream come true. In fact, also one of those countries where travellers can launch a search for some of the most sought-after treasure troves or get their hands on a bevvy of exotic spices, the world has thus known so far.

Morocco Private Tours

Explore Morocco with a passionate guide who’ll show you the hidden gems of this beautiful country and help you experience the true beauty of Morocco like a real local. Explore the private tours with a friendly guide who is passionate about the place and eager to share every bit of the information about the culture and tradition of Morocco. Get to know Morocco through the eyes of a Lokafyer on Morocco Private Tours.

Meet your personal guide at your accommodation and begin your tour by getting familiar with the neighborhood. However, don’t get too comfortable as this is just the start. You have a long way to go before you finish unearthing the beautiful locations in Morocco.

Luxury Morocco Tours

Nothing says luxury quite like a country like Morocco, does it?

You can get numerous Luxury Morocco Tours and engage with the culture and traditions of Morocco. Travel with a slower time of aromatic mint tea in the courtyards and sun-drenched markets overflowing with handmade jewelry during Morocco luxury tours. The country’s great cities like Tangier, Marrakech, Rabat, and Fez offer a delicate balance between ancient traditions and modern-day luxury. Experience splendid moments on your luxury tour, be it a cooking class with a Moroccan chef or a sunset camel ride.

Morocco Desert Tours

With Morocco Desert Tours, experience the serene world of sunny deserts and camel rides. While the desert in itself is a great tour package, but when combined with the Toubkal Trek or Berber Valley, it becomes something you simply cannot resist. With the Toubkal Trek and the Sahara Desert tour, you’ll get the best of both nature and desert. It is a great way to discover Morocco and to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Atlas mountain peaks and passes. Enjoy hikes along the gorges and Oasis while also experiencing camel rides through the dunes.

Morocco Tours for Seniors

Morocco presents something for everyone regardless of their age. Whether you are a young kid, an adult, or a senior citizen, you will absolutely love Morocco. The country is filled with beautiful locations, serene views, savory food, and more. If you’re choosing Morocco Tours for Seniors, be sure to have a guide. The places are full of hidden walkaways and secret alleys, so it is important to have a guide. Additionally, a guide will also help you come across beautiful sights and experiences you wouldn’t have had otherwise. They’ll give you insight into the culture and history of Morocco as well as the Muslim religion.

Morocco Budget Group Tours

Morocco Budget Group Tours are particularly famous, especially during the vacations. Group tours to Morocco can include 4-15 people, depending on the type of the trip. Most group tours tend to average around eight days although the itineraries can stretch up to 15 days. The star attractions include Berber villages and cities, with an emphasis on museums, culture, and shopping while other excursions include cultural venues that focus on Arab, Jewish, and Islamic heritage.

Group tours tend to begin in a major city like Casablanca or Marrakech. Once you arrive at the city’s airport, the group will meet up with their tour guide at the hotel. After an overnight stay in that city, the group will begin their tour and experience thrilling adventures along the way. Most tours also include a camel trek in the Sahara desert which is one of the most requested activities during the trip. Towards the end of the trip, the tourists return to the city and visit the narrow streets and crowded souks.

Small Group Tours in Morocco

Morocco is a jewel full of unforgettable natural scenery, exotic cities, delicious dishes, and a whirlwind of market places. The best of Morocco is definitely experienced in Small Group Tours in Morocco. Travel to Morocco with friends and you’ll experience the enchanting spirit of Morocco.

There is something magical about Morocco. It is felt in the camel trek across the Sahara Desert. It is in bartering with the local merchants in the souks of Marrakech. It is in discovering an oasis in the middle of the entire clamor and more. Everything about Morocco is great. That is why it attracts tourists from all over the world.

Sign up for Small Group Tours in Morocco and find yourself in the heart of the entire bustle. Find local guides that know all about Morocco. They’ll help you find the best couscous and to navigate the street markets of Marrakech. They’ll also help you avoid the tricky details and focus more on making memories with your group.

Morocco Escorted/Guide tours

It is no big secret that you will have a better chance of creating the best moments in Morocco or any other country if you have a local tour guide with you to help you along the way. In Morocco, there are several hidden places that not have people can cover… unless they have a local guide with them. Find the best Morocco Escorted/Guide Tours if you want to experience personal, attentive service with thrilling adventures from start to finish. They’ll also make sure of your safety and comfort at all times. Can you think of a friend who’ll introduce you to the Sahara Desert camel rides and keep you safe? No, right? But these guides will.

Whether you’re here for 2 days or 2 weeks, desert side or seaside, north or south, they’ll be with you throughout the whole way and introduce you to the best Morocco has to offer.

Some of them will even offer airport services and come to pick you up in a car and take you to your hotel room while taking care of your accommodation and appetite needs.

Book Cheap Morocco Tours

Booking Morocco itinerary tours will also give a die-hard adventure seeking traveller an opportunity to witness the mayhem that goes about in one of the world’s wildest marketplace called Marrakech. If that’s not all, at the same time even enabling one to soak in the atmosphere that some of the world’s most magnificent cities such as Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes and Fez are renowned for.

Mesmerizing and spell-binding in its orientation, Morocco enthrals and captivates one and all through its snake charmers and enigmatic vendors of all kinds. With diverse landscapes ranging from the high Atlas Mountains to the exquisite beaches of Essaouira and from the lush Kasbah oases to the perfect solitude of the Sahara desert, the country really lives up to standards which are hard to beat.

But that’s not all, every now and then; the country via its cheap holidays to Morocco does everything possible to ensure that one would be able to witness the call of the muezzins, the wafting scent of incense, and the colourful caravans, unlikely to be found anywhere else

Morocco Tour Packages for an Amazing Vacation

Trip planning is not a tough thing but implementing this plan while the tour is literally hard, especially if you are visiting a place for the first time. Many people are spending money on a comfortable and relaxing tour of their family, but it can only happen if the tour is properly planned, otherwise there is always some kind of discomfort. To avoid any confusion or mishap it is recommended to opt for package tours as there is no need to take care of all tour associated needs and burdens.

The packaged tour offers safety, and security of tourists along with the provision of the best services and thus there is no need to take any kind of stress. Usually, the tour packages cover all the famous tourist attractions, and people can enjoy all the tourist locations. Tour packages serve the best services for accommodation, spa, gym, and sauna. If you are getting these services without packages, then it may be more costly.

We are aware of popular touring spots, restaurants, and hotels in Morocco and are creating customized and well-designed tours in most attractive and prestigious places in this city. Excellent packages are being provided to various destinations in Morocco so that the tourists can enjoy valuable, stress-free, breathtaking, and sophisticated tours that they deserve.

Along with the provision of quality services in packaged tours, we highly ensure the safety and security of our tourists. Our representatives will assist them always in the tour, and there is no association of panic in any sense. Booking a tour package, helps you to stay calm and relax for booking of flights, rooms, and accommodation and there is no need to pay for additional charges.

Tour packages to Morocco, are diversified according to the length of journey and range of tours, throughout the imperial cities, oceans, high Atlas Mountains, and Sahara Desert. Gala nights, souks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and discover the old traditions are also covered in the tour packages. Our tours are including engaging sightseeing and thoughtful activities and tourists can explore amazing places with the help of tour guides. Our customized tours are offering a good balance of flexibility and structure.

Tours From Major Moroccan Cities

Morocco Tours from Marrakech

Marrakech is also known as a red town and we are offering best touring packages from Marrakech including the deluxe accommodations, traditional boutiques, delicious foods and luxurious days. Whatever is the desire of tourists, we always try to make this tour a lifetime experience for them. We are offering a good range of tourist accommodation boutique-style resorts, desert camps, raids, hotels, gracious and exceptional service so that this adventure should be unforgettable in your life. We are also offering corporate meetings, family, group, getaway tours, special events, and romantic honeymoon vacations.

Morocco Tours from Casablanca

Our Morocco tours from Casablanca are best intended to serve tourists with a great deal of luxurious and comfortable tours. Our service providers are even up, before you awake and will serve you with the best. The tour guide will take you to the famous destinations and will be staying with tourists to tell them details about history, civilization, and lifestyle of this specific place.

We will be waiting at the airport to take you towards the tourist destinations and on the way, the guide will introduce you briefly about the tour. We will be offering you a delicious and nutritious rich meal. In the tour packages, fuel, vehicle, accommodation, driver, guide and meal expenses will be covered. While we do not offer entry fees to various places and flight tickets in our packages.

We can plan according to the availability of budget, preferences, and choices of clients followed by the excursion. Our services also include pick up from the airport, accommodation and then drop back to the airport along with the wonderful and amazing experience. We are glad to show you our hospitality with great capacity of mobilization, and organization in the custom and traveling routs. We especially consider the requests of our valuable tourists and assist them to a greater extent. If you ever want to customize the tour, or you need any kind of change, just contact us and our service providers will give an immediate response.

Morocco Tours from Tangier

The Morocco tour from Tangier is a great way to enjoy vacations in Morocco. We are providing the best services throughout the year and tourists can enjoy great tourist destinations at affordable prices. Once you have planned our fully bonded and licensed will receive you from the airport for a greatly customized tour along with the proper adjustment of budget, timetable, and places of interest.

Independent of tourist destination the company is having a long and good time of professional experience for our valuable customers. One of our specialties is to coordinate our clients for exploring exotic places and we are offering quality services at competitive prices. We are extremely happy to announce that we are providing quality services to our customers for 24 hours of the day including drivers, guides, and other possible services.

Morocco Tours from Agadir

Top Morocco Travel Company is dedicated tour operator that is serving tourists in Agadir as well with the aim to provide quality services and give them a lifetime wonderful experience. We offer a visit to customized and optimized packages to many places and tourist attractions. Either tourists know about Agadir city or not, we are taking them to the best destinations so that they can enjoy a great time on their tour.

We have made attractive and easy packages for our valuable customers. All that they have to do is picking a destination with our well-organized plans and the rest of everything will be managed by our experienced team. Even booking of hotels for accommodation purposes is included in our responsibilities so that tourists can enjoy great panoramic views without getting worried about anything.

Our knowledgeable and experienced guides in Agadir are always dedicated and sincere to instruct and guide tourists in the best possible ways. We are specialized in travel to Morocco, private tours, and meetings to great destinations. We will help you to explore more about culinary, culture, regions, history and adventures in specific places.


Morocco Tours for All Budgets

Whether you are looking for a lower cost way to explore the country, or are out for all the luxury you can get, we have tours to meet your needs. All of our tours offer excellent value for money, but there are a range of different options to suit your budget, no matter what that may be. Whether you want to get back to basics trekking in Morocco, or want to see the wonders of Morocco in style, with luxury accommodation, luxury tourist transport and all mod cons, we can help you find the perfect Morocco vacation for you.

Morocco Tours for All Ages

Whether you are young, free and single, or simply young at heart, we can provide you with a tour to suit you. Everyone, whether 27 or 87, can enjoy an adventure somewhere in this astounding country. Those of all ages can find the ideal adventure for them. If you are getting on in years, for example,you can choose a Seniors Tour, so you can enjoy your adventure with those who have just as much life experience as you do, while other tours we offer will suit those in the prime of life, or those who are just getting started on their life’s journeys.

Morocco Tours for All Tastes

Do you prefer small group tours, which allow you to enjoy Morocco’s beautiful natural environments and stunning historic cities without being part of a crowd? Do you prefer tours that are for women only, or are you happy with a mixed group? No matter what your tastes and preferences, we have tours to suit you. All of your tastes and preferences will be catered for – including, perhaps, some that you did not even know you had.

Morocco Tours for All Interests

Whether you are interested in Desert Tours, Beach Tours or Imperial Cities tour, with their historic and cultural attractions, you will find a tour that is right for you. See Morocco’s cultures up close, or experience natural environments at their awe-inspiring best. Discover hidden gems and explore one destination in depth, or take a Grand Tour to see it all! No matter where your interests lie, you will find best Tours of Morocco to give you the adventure of a lifetime.

Our wide selection of luxury Morocco Tours means that, no matter what you are looking for, no matter your budget, your age, tastes or interests, you are sure to be able to find the perfect option for you.


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