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We at Top Morocco Travel company, have only one goal; that is to make your vacation as wonderful, exciting and memorable as possible. Please complete the Contact form on any page and we will contact you. Our commitment to your enjoyment of your vacation drives us to provide you with recommendations on hotels, restaurants, nightlife, shopping and more.

Top Morocco Travel  (formerly Pure Life Tours) was born out of a love for the nature, the adventure, the wildlife and of the people of Morocco. The Moroccan people we’ve met are very kind and warm hearted and welcome visitors / tourists from all over the World. You will often hear them say ‘Salam Alikom’, meaning Peace Upon you in English. It brings a smile to my face every time I hear this.

We have experienced many of the hundreds of tours travelling arround Morocco. On one such trip we had the opportunity to talk extensively with our tour guide and the general focus of that talk was how tour company’s could improve their service and do things better, more professional. How they could provide real VIP service. That’s when we decided to open our own tour company and provide the kind of service we would want. As a result, we provide a fluent English speaking tour guide; beer and water on every tour.

We also provide, at no charge, recommendations for the best tours, restaurants, hotels and night life in the Atlantic Coast region. We invite you to experience the beauty and excitement of Morocco ica with us at Top Morocco Travel Company.

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