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Morocco has many beautiful sites to see and enjoy. In Morocco you can enjoy the ocean in many different areas. You can also enjoy many tours around and through the Atlas Mountains. In Morocco, anything is possible. There are places full of thousands of palm trees and Barber farmers and places that have a cedar forest and hot air balloon rides. You can be an adventurer or just an excited tourist, Morocco can show you a world full of proud people and breathtaking sites. Some wonderful places to be sure to visit in Morocco are the sand dunes in Erg Chebbi, the fortified village of Ait Benhaddou and the incredible Essaouira ocean that lies on the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic ocean. There are so many more things to see in Morocco, it is all just a matter of how much time you have, what you want to do, and what you want included in your Morocco itinerary tours. Whether it be a quad bike ride or sand boarding, Morocco has many things to offer the adventurer or classic sightseer. Do you like the look to look at fortified villages or want to see how the locals live? In Morocco you can see how the world lived many years ago while enjoying the creature comforts of the modern world.

Popular Morocco Itinerary Tours

There are several different itineraries that visitors can take on based on their plans and offers. We will present here some Morocco Itineraries that are cost effect and that will enable you get the most of your tour. Visiting Morocco reveals an enticing new world, with tour packages that stop in destinations like Marrakesh, Fez and Casablanca. While exploring this North African country, you can discover mosques and bazaars. Don’t miss the chance to go trekking across the Sahara on the back of a camel! Enjoy simple and easy itineraries that takes you to any place at any time around Morocco. We cover amazing places that reveal the authenticity of the real Morocco. You also enjoy the freedom to build the tour of your choice and we help you plan it completely. Our team dedicate his time to give you support and make you tour arrangement easy and smooth. From the coast to the Sahara Desert through the imperial Morocco, the itineraries are planned to suit any kind of travelers from children to seniors and from active and adventurous trips to relaxing, slow rhythm tours.

One week in morocco – itinerary

A one week/7 days itinerary in Morocco is enough time for a quick tour of multiple regions, or a deeper dive into one or two. Choose from a northern circuit of imperial cities, desert highlights, the Atlantic coast, or the Atlas Mountains. Flying open jaw can minimize transport times—arriving in Tangier and flying out of Marrakech makes a longer tour route possible. And active travelers can spend a few days camping and sandboarding in the Sahara before hiking through rural villages in the High Atlas, including a night with a local family. Some of the popular 7 days itineraries include:

Luxury Tour of Morocco Imperial Cities

Visit Morocco’s Imperial cities in a one-week tour. Ideally. Start in Rabat, Morocco’s capital, to see 12th-century architecture, then continue to Fes to explore the world’s largest urban car-free zone. See the tanneries, world’s oldest university, and medieval Jewish quarter, then head to Marrakech to round out your trip with ornate palaces, hustling/bustling at Jemaa El-Fna market. Marrakech, Quick Desert Tour, Essaouira Combine culture, desert adventures, and seaside relaxation with this 7-day itinerary from Marrakech. Cross the High Atlas Mountains and explore Morocco’s desert, filled with fortified Kasbahs and old caravan routes. Relax in Essaouira as you enjoy fresh seafood and watch the sunset over the seaside ramparts. Marrakech, Grand Desert Tour and Hiking in the Atlas Mountains Discover the grandeur of Morocco with this seven-day itinerary. Spend the night under the stars in a Bedouin-style tent, traipse through narrow passageways in ancient kasbahs, and hike the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. You’ll ride a camel, swim in an oasis, share a meal with a Berber family, and wander exotic souks and bazaars.

Morocco itinerary packages

There are many things you can do in Morocco. This includes, camping, riding camels, ATV rides, and even hot air balloon rides. When picking your trip or tour be sure to know everything that it includes, that way you can plan ahead. Some packages include your meals, drinks, and lodging. Other packages include all of that plus camel rides and sand boarding. Many of the multiple day tours do include your meals, camel rides depending on where you are traveling to, and any lodging, but do not include anything extra that you may want. That might include extra tours, hot air balloon rides, and camel rides. There are also tours of different fortresses that you can have included in different packages as well. Be sure to know what will cost you what, and what you can depend on in your tour of lovely Morocco. Again, remember, there are a lot of chances to get scammed, so be sure that you are dealing with well known tour groups and guides. You don’t want to risk being in a country with no money or nothing to do!

Two weeks morocco itinerary

There can be many ways you spend 2 weeks in Morocco but be sure to check out the best places. Start out by spending 2 days in Chefchaouen. It is well known as the Blue City. It is named this because the walls and many of the houses are all painted different shades of blue. The locals there are very nice and enjoy answering different questions about the area. It is a great place to get accustomed to the area without rushing into it too quickly. Next you can spend 2 or 3 days in Fes for shopping and sightseeing. In Fes, there are many open markets and performers that can show you a good time. Next you want to spend at least 5 Days in Marrakesh for sightseeing and adventures. In Marrakesh there is a lot more to do. There are also a lot more people. You can ride camels, take a hot air balloon rides, and even enjoy a drum show by the local nomads. After your 5 days of fun in Marrakesh you can spend 2 Days in the desert for a luxury adventure. The Scarabeo Desert Camp is a boutique property and definitely a “glamping” experience. Last you want to spend 2 to 3 days in Essaouira. You can take a train to Essaouira and enjoy the amazing beach and all the wonderful scenery that it has to offer.

Two weeks is perfect for a true grand tour of Morocco. Spend multiple days in each region, with plenty of time for cultural and adventure activities along the way. You won’t have to choose between sandboarding in Erg Shibi, hiking the Todra Gorge, and taking a windsurfing lesson in Essaouira. Stay overnight with a local family in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, and visit an Argan oil cooperative – all in 14 days itinerary. Some of Morocco’s top 2 weeks itineraries include:

Cities, Mountains, and Desert

In this 14-day itinerary, you will enjoy culture, history, adventure and relaxation. Explore the imperial cities of Rabat, Meknes, Fes, and Casablanca. Venture into the desert a few days exploring Kasbahs, caravan routes, and the Saharan dunes. Cross up and over the high Atlas Mountains and spend a couple days hiking between small villages, spending the night with a local family. End your trip by relaxing in Essaouira before continuing along the coast back to Casablanca.

Casablanca to the Atlantic Coast

Follow this two-week moderately-paced itinerary around Morocco for unique cultural experiences, desert adventures, and coastal relaxation. Tour the north starting in modern Casablanca and Rabat before heading to the Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains. Get lost in the culture capital of Fes and its medieval medina, follow caravan routes through desert oases, wind through souks and secret gardens in Marrakech and relax along the Atlantic coast enjoying fresh seafood in Essaouira.

Luxury Grand Tour of Morocco

This two-week itinerary checks off Morocco’s top urban and natural landmarks. See medieval architecture in the capital of Rabat, walk the blue streets of Chefchaouen, and tour 9th-century Al Quaraouiyine University in Fes. Continue to the Sahara for a night of glamping, visit the desert citadel of Ait Benhaddou, and explore colorful Marrakech markets and ornate palaces before ending in the quiet coastal city of Essaouira.

Moroccan Cities from Coast to Coast

Discover Morocco’s ancient and historic cities on this complete two-week itinerary. You’ll cover three imperial cities, Marrakech, Fes, and Meknes, as well as less-traveled cities like Beni-Mellal, Moulay Idris, and Tetouan. You’ll wander maze-like streets, participate in a cooking class, drive through the Atlas Mountains, and explore ancient Roman ruins

5 days itinerary in morocco

When you have just five days to spend in Morocco, you have to get your priorities straight. The good news is that Morocco isn’t very big. Whether you’re fascinated by the charm of urban medinas or dying to explore the Sahara, you can actually do a lot in a few days. The following itineraries have something for everyone. Divide your time between cities, mountains, and the desert. Focus on the picturesque “Blue City” and intriguing Roman ruins of northern Morocco. Hike through the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains and spend a night with a local Berber family. Or head straight to the desert, enjoying a sunset camel ride across the dunes and regional music by the campfire. Read on for some recommended itineraries for five days in Morocco. To cut down on transportation time, consider flying into one airport and out of another.

Moroccan Cities of the North

This 5-day itinerary offers a nice balance of historic and modern cities in northern Morocco. Start and end in modern Casablanca before exploring Rabat and “the blue city” of Chefchaoeun in the Rif mountains. Continue south to Meknes, Roman ruins at Volubilis, and immerse yourself in the culture capital of medieval Fes.

Marrakech and Grand Tour of the Sahara Desert

Discover the beauty of Morocco with this exciting 5-day itinerary. Begin and end in Marrakech, visiting the rocky peaks of the High Atlas Mountains and the colossal sand dunes of the Sahara. You’ll wander medieval medinas and souks, marvel at palaces and mosques, and explore ancient Kasbahs and desert towns.

Casablanca, Fes, Rabat and Marrakech

Sample Morocco’s most popular cities, including Casablanca, Fes, Rabat, and Marrakech on this 5-day trip starting in Casablanca and ending in Marrakech. Venture back in time as you explore the medieval medina of Fes. Spend a night in the capital city of Rabat before finishing in vibrant Marrakech. Leave charmed having experienced Morocco’s exceptional architecture, ornate artisanship and delicious food.

Fes, Sahara Desert & Marrakech

This whirlwind 5-day itinerary highlights the best of Morocco, including Fes, the Desert, and Marrakech. Start in the imperial city of Fes and make your way south traversing the Middle Atlas mountain range into the Sahara Desert. Cross up and over the High Atlas Mountains before ending your trip in bustling Marrakech.

Northern Cities of Tangier to Casablanca

This 5-day itinerary highlights Morocco’s northern cities, starting in Tangier and finishing in Casablanca. Wander blue streets in Chefchaouen, explore Roman Volubilis and Imperial Meknes. Lose yourself in the medieval medina in Fes, and Visit modern Rabat and Casablanca.

Moroccan Towns & Imperial Cities

Explore Morocco’s cities with this 5-day itinerary. Featuring the historic cities of Fes, Meknes, Rabat, and Marrakech, as well as the hillside town of Chefchaouen and the coastal city of Casablanca. You’ll walk the streets of medieval medinas, shop souks and bazaars, roam ancient Roman ruins, and marvel at the artistic details of Morocco’s finest buildings.

Exploring Marrakech, Atlas Mountain Hiking and the Coast

A perfect balance of culture, adventure, and relaxation, this quick 5-day itinerary features highlights of the imperial city of Marrakech, hiking in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, and relaxing in the coastal town of Essaouira. You’ll roam exotic souks in ancient medinas, share a meal with a local Berber family, and explore centuries-old seafront fortifications. It is worth noting that the above Morocco Itineraries are not exhaustive. There are other enjoyable Itineraries for 8 days, 9 days, 11 days, 3 weeks and more, where you can visit the Ouzoud falls, Dades valley and many more.


Although you may not be from Morocco, you will feel like a part of it once you spend enough time there. With the amazing scenic views, a touch of real history, and incredible locals, you will have the time of your life. There are so many different shops and cafes, so many restaurants and exhibits, you will be begging to stay longer. Whether you decide to travel by hot air balloon to the peaks of the Atlas Mountains or adventure your way through the desert on a camel, Morocco has so many things to offer to any tourist. You can be the adventurer or someone who just enjoys the history of the land, either way you will be able to see many ancient and fortified villages, swim in crystal clear waters, or even ride over sand dunes on quad bikes. Morocco truly is a kingdom and is full of many people who love and appreciate the many languages and cultures that come from the land.
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