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A comprehensive itinerary for travelling in Morocco

When it comes to Morocco, no other words better describes this place than ethereal, mythical and colorful. Morocco is a dream destination for any tourist, with snow-covered mountains, open-air markets selling spices, towering minarets and populous souks are all present inside the confines of a single province. Situated at the very crossroads of the Middle East and Europe, Morocco is a place that boasts of old-world magnificence, while graciously accommodating the beauties of the new world. It is a place to lose yourself and find yourself again. A place that is truly a hotpot for culture, traditions, great food and exceptional home items, Morocco is bound to satisfy the hearts of travellers of all types. This article aims to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive itinerary for Morocco that covers all kinds of Morocco itinerary tours, packages and travel durations. Read on to learn and know more about what Morocco has to offer, and what you can accomplish within your days of travelling to this beautiful destination.

Morocco Itinerary Tours

There are numerous tours and trips that you can partake in during your stay in Morocco. These tours and trips imbibe the true spirit of Morocco and take you on an enthralling journey through the vast expanses of the Sahara desert atop a camel, or allow you to interact with the many merchants available in the populous souks of Marrakech. These tours also cover the beautiful oases that are centers of calmness and serenity, amidst the clamor and bustle of the city markets. If you dedicate some time in doing research and finding the best tours and trips in Morocco, you will be able to avail the wonderful services of experienced and efficient tour guides, who are experts in taking you to the most famous places that the country has to offer, while helping you navigate through the foreign streets of this wondrous place. You can choose from single trips, couple trips and group trips for different number of days, depending on your travel duration and number of people that you have visited Morocco with. Totally Morocco, Timeless Morocco, Highlights of Morocco, North Morocco Adventure etc. are some of the most prominent trips that you can avail in the country, and these include adventure trips, family trips, discovery trips and many other variants, depending on the style and type of trip you prefer.

Popular Morocco Itinerary Packages

Package tours are another great option that you can select, if you want to experience the true Morocco in a grand style, while accommodating for miscellaneous amenities and requirements that you would need during your vacation. Morocco is a country that is bound to mesmerize you. Starting from ancient establishments created by the Romans, to the traditional marketplaces and the vast expanses on uninhibited dessert, Morocco is a world of magic that has been opened to humans to enjoy. These package tours take care of your travel costs, food costs, lodging costs, while also accommodating the various trips that you would be taking in this magical country that is a hub of countless cultures that have developed owing to the many civilizations that have thrived in this place. There are package tours that are even dedicated to movies and TV series that have been shot in Morocco, like the Game of Thrones dedicated package tours. Other tour packages include trips that allow you to explore the lost artisans of Morocco, allow you to discover the true beauty of Morocco by taking you to Casablanca, Erfoud, Fes and Ouarzazate. Certain packages focus on the Jewish heritage of Morocco, while others focus on the imperial cities and marvelous food that the country has to offer. You can also choose the romantic tour packages, to make the magical journey to Morocco seem all the more enchanting with your loved one. In all honesty, the package tours that you can choose from are endless, and if you dedicate enough time and effort behind finding the best tours and packages available in Morocco, chances are that you will land yourself a sweet deal that satiates all your tastes and preferences.

Morocco Clothing Itinerary

When travelling to a foreign destination, it is important to know what to wear, since your dress code will widely define how the locals view you or treat you. It is also a great way to mix in with the indigenous people of the country and to also be comfortable in your clothes, since local clothes usually accommodate for the local temperature and climate of the region. This is no different for Morocco. However, very few guides actually give out pertinent details regarding the clothing itinerary that you should take along with yourself while travelling to Morocco. With the help of this article, you will be able to understand what you need to wear when in Morocco, and the type of clothing that would be best suited for you to carry while visiting this beautiful country. You need to firstly understand that 99% of the population of Morocco identify themselves as Muslims, and although, the dress code in Morocco is not strict here, the country is quite conservative. Therefore, it would be wise if you pay respect to Islam’s idea of modesty and not wear clothes that are overtly revealing and draw attention. If you are a woman, make sure to wear clothes that do not expose the thighs, shoulders or decolletage. The same thing applies to the clothes worn by men. This principal of modesty transpires to even the material things that are used by Moroccan people. Therefore, flaunting branded accessories, jewelry or electronics might not be a good idea if you want to endear the local people of the country. Long skirts/dresses, completely covered jeans, draped tunics, camisoles and polo shirts that have been worn under cardigans or sweaters are ideal clothes to wear for women visiting Morocco. Sandals or loafers are the preferred footwear for people in Morocco. Menswear generally includes long pants combined with a collared shirt or polo shirt. Sneakers, loafers or sandals can be worn alternatively, depending on the visit’s context and the type of the clothes that the man has worn. Owing to the fact that Morocco can be sweltering during the summer months, a maxi dress combined with a light scarf can be a great way to stay cool and maintain the proper dress code of the country.

Morocco Itinerary for 5 days

Five days are more than enough to get yourself acquainted with the most famous and popular regions of Morocco. Although, the country is quite large, if your travel duration is short and you only have five days at your disposal, following this itinerary will help you cover the most important places in Morocco and cover the country in a somewhat comprehensive manner. The first thing that you need to consider is covering the northern part of Morocco. Begin with Casablanca, Chefchaouen located in the Rif Mountains, Rabat and the medieval city of Fes. In case you are travelling to Morocco from Spain, you can make the most of this journey by capitalizing on your journey and time while travelling from Tangier to Fes and then to Casablanca. If you have a keen focus on exploring the wild desserts of Morocco, make sure that you dedicate time to explore Marrakech, and then progressing towards the Erg Chebbi dunes located near Merzouga. If the coastal beauty of Morocco is what interests you, Agadir and Essaouira are brilliant choices to lounge and relax under the pleasing Moroccan sun. Depending on the part of Morocco that you want to explore the most, you can plan a travel itinerary for 5 days that is focused on the region of your choice and choose the best packages that cover these regions comprehensively within five days.

Morocco Itinerary for 7 days (One week)

If you have a little more time on your hand and want to explore Morocco within a week, this travel itinerary will help give you a clear idea of what to expect and what trips to take. Focus your first day to explore Fes, a sleepy city that is located on the north of Morocco. Highly influenced by the Arabic culture, Fes used to be the Morocco’s capital until the year 1912. Some of the most important places that you need to visit in this city include the Fes Medina, Riad Le Calife, Riad Alya and Café Clock. Research upon Fes, since this city has many other brilliant gems to offer to travellers and will definitely cover comprehensively the first of your seven wonderful days in Morocco. The second day is dedicated to Chefchaouen, also known as the blue city. The enchanting narrow lanes of this wondrous city are made even more magical through the fumes of Kif, or Hashish, one of the main produces of this city. Dedicate the third day in your itinerary for exploring Meknes, Volubilis and Moulay Idriss. Revel in the beauty of Roman ruins and open market squares bustling with hawkers and local musicians ready to please and serve you. The fourth day should be completely dedicated to Fes, Cedar Forest, Ifran, Ziz Valley, Ifran and Merzouga, while the fifth should be reserved for Rissani, Erfoud, Dades Gorges and Todra Gorges. Spend your sixth day in Morocco by exploring Ouarzazate, and experience the enchanting Moroccan night by travelling to Ait Benhaddou Marrakech through the High Atlas Mountains. Having witnessed the Marrakech night, reserve the last day of your Moroccan travel to explore and witness the beauty of Marrakech, also known as the Rose City, Red City or Mad House.

Morocco Itinerary for 10 days

A ten-day travel plan to Morocco is probably one of the most comprehensive tour packages that you can book for yourself. Being able to spend 10 days in this magical country ensures that you are able to properly cover and explore the various regions of beauty that Morocco has to offer to travellers. Moreover, you get enough time to stay at a particular city and rest, and not have to travel on every day in order to cover all the other destinations that you need to cover as part of your vacation package. If you are planning to spend 10 days in Morocco, the best itinerary that you should follow would include Marrakech on the first day, Essaouira on the second, Casablanca on the third, Rabat on the fourth, Chefchaouen on the fifth, Fes for the sixth and seventh day, the Sahara desert for the eighth and ninth days and back to Marrakech on the final day. This travel itinerary basically covers all the important locations in Morocco and allows you to come back to your starting destination, after covering everything that is there to cover in this city of great magnificence and beauty.

Morocco Itinerary for 14 days (Two weeks)

What can be better than spending 10 days in Morocco?

Of course, being able to spend 14 days in Morocco! A two-week travel vacation to Morocco is the ideal tour that you can take to cover each and every part of the country and to ensure that you get to revel in the beauty and splendor of this country in the most extravagant fashion. The ultimate travel itinerary for a 14-day vacation in Morocco should start with arrival at Casablanca, with the second day being kept for exploring Chefchaouen and Rabat. The third day should be dedicated to exploring the remaining parts of Chefchaouen and then proceeding to see the wonderful Roman ruins of Volubilis, until progressing to the sleepy city of Fes. Spending just one day in Fes is too little to understand the true beauty of this place; therefore, the fourth day should also be dedicated towards exploring this imperial city and going back in time with the beautiful medieval medinas that can be found in Fes. Proceeding from Fes, the fifth day should include tours of Erfoud, Merzouga and the Sahara desert, staying at Merzouga for the night. The sixth day should be used to explore the rest of Merzouga, the wonderful Rissani Market and spending the night at the Todra Gorge. From the Todra Gorge, make sure to proceed to the Dades Valley and Ouarzazate, while stopping for the night at Ait Benhaddou on the seventh day of the journey. The eight day of the tour would be focused on Ait Benhaddou, Tizi-n-Tichka Pass, while finally arriving at the Red City, Marrakech for the night. Exploring the red city should be at the top of your itinerary on the ninth day of the travel, while you proceed to witness the magnificence of the High Atlas Mountains around Amizmiz and stay the night at the Berber Home on the tenth day. For the eleventh day take retrace your way through Amizmiz, back to the city of Marrakech and travel from there to Essaouira on the twelfth day of your vacation. The thirteenth day of your travel should be dedicated to travelling from Essaouira to Casablanca through the beautiful Moroccan coastal routes, only to depart to your home country from Casablanca on the fourteenth day.

With the help of this travel itinerary, you would be able to explore the best of Morocco, regardless of duration of stay or type of package you choose. These itineraries have been specifically made with the number of days you have at your disposal, and allows you to comprehensively experience the beauty and splendor of Morocco in a grand style. Therefore, wait no more and book your ideal tour packages and trips to take a vacation to one of the most beautiful countries that the world has.


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