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We provide an expert advice service to accommodate your dream holidays (cultural, historical, leisure, and many others), thanks to our professional guides. We work with the most effective guides in each region of the country and all of them are experienced, appreciated and respected for his or her experience.

A trip to Morocco will certainly be extra gratifying and more significant when accompanied by a Morocco tour guide. Our Morocco guided excursions are really enjoyable! In addition to learning a lot in regards to the different locations you go to, you will additionally be stunned, amused, thrilled and moved as you uncover the delights of Morocco with a friendly tour guide. Our tour Morocco guides are skilled, multilingual and are affiliated to the national association of tour guides.

Both for overseas and local tourists, our company is the definitive reference for Resorts Reservation, seaside holidays and sea cruises for a greater appreciation of Morocco.



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Morocco Travel Tips

Travelers to Morocco must have a valid passport. Visas are not required for American and majority of European tourists traveling to Morocco for fewer than 90 days. No vaccinations are required to enter Morocco.






Capital: Rabat.
Government: Constitutional monarchy since 1956, when Morocco gained independence from France.
Language: The official language is Moroccan Arabic, and Berber languages are spoken by a large minority. French, Spanish and English is also understood, particularly in the major tourist destinations.
Religion: Predominantly Muslim with Jewish, Christian and Hindu minorities.
Time: GMT.
Electricity: 110/220 volts AC, 50Hz, depending on age and location of building.
Telephone: Country code +212.
Mobile Telephone: Roaming agreements exist with international mobile phone companies. Coverage is mainly available in the cities in the west of Morocco.
Internet: Access is widely available in business centers, hotels and in Internet cafes.






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