Casablanca Travel Agency

Casablanca Travel Agency

Are you in search of a Casablanca travel agency who could provide you with all the answers relating to your travel?  worried about what are the places to visit while touring to Casablanca? or may be, concerned about where to gather all these information!

Top Morocco Travel is there to solve all your problems. You can contact our Information center in Casablanca, which provides you with all sorts of information, which you might be looking out for. Furthermore, our local Travel agent can get in touch with yo, and join you anywhere in casablanca, to informs you about the places to visit, the local tourist attractions, and the best time of the year to jaunt to this destination, long with information regarding shopping, food and accommodation facilities.

Our travel agency in casablanca even arranges lodging facilities along with booking your air flights or train services for needy travelers. One can have complete access to a touring package to Casablanca or Morocco from our Tourist Information Center as well.

Casablanca Highlights

Casablanca, Morocco faces the gigantic Atlantic Ocean and thereby is the pivotal port and communication hub for the western part of the country. Top Morocco Travel readily provides you with an opportunity to travel with them according to your convenience and get to know every corner of the city like it is your own. The best part about going around the country with our agency is that you have an access to choose affordable travel packages based on certain themes and through them, you get equal taste of all the cities.

Once in Casablanca, you will be able to enjoy your stay at the premier hotels collaborating with Top Morocco Travel while exploring the city. Casablanca is the spot that forms the heart of Morocco’s economic and cosmopolitan life, and therefore it is obvious that you will come across a lot of local vendors trying to seal a deal with their products. Apart from this, your travel agency will thoroughly guide you through the city and make you familiar with its most popular and celebrated monuments and sites. The day’s plan will be initiated by guiding you to the peerless Hassan II mosque, that remains the tallest building is Morocco and is the second largest mosque in the world outside of Mecca. This mosque in particular allows visitors to take a tour of it even beyond the prayer time and is capable of accommodating more than 25,000 worshippers at a time. After starting the day with the Almighty’s blessings, you will move on to Mohammad V square and then to the Royal Palace to witness the masterstroke of Islamic architecture. The palace echoes with royalty from every corner; the lush green gardens and the orange groves with fountains are a pleasure to the sore eye. Then, the journey would move to its next destination that is the luxurious residential space of Anfagiving you a glimpse of what the Moroccan high life looks like and will pass on to the United Nations Square that marks the border between the old Medina and the new one influenced by the designs of the French planners in 20th century and one of the country’s most crucial navigational landmarks. You can also visit the Marabout of Sidi Abd Errahman that has been magically constructed on the rocky outcroppings within the Atlantic Ocean. After getting some lunch followed by a break of one or two hours, you can spend the rest of the day at the Central Market to carry back some souvenirs from the country and take a tour along the shoreline to witness the lavish hotels, restaurants and swimming pools waiting to be greeted by your presence.

Apart from taking a tour of these famous places that can spend a day getting familiar with the Jewish remains in the city; the Jewish cemetery located in the Mellah shows direct impact of the French culture and well-maintained, quiet and peaceful. The cemetery is followed by the next destination that is the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, which is the most remarkable Jewish museum situated in an Arab country.

Casablanca too, has its own share of golf courses and here, ‘Anfa Royal Golf’ with 9 holes is the most attractive as it is situated on the Anfa hills. If you are looking forward to a day filled with relaxation and some sport by staying close to Mother Nature then, provides you with the finest opportunity to carry out your plans here.

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