Morocco flight tour


Take in a city or a coastline by helicopter. Turn a getaway into an exciting helicopter tour experience. Weather it is for work or play, helicopter tours are an amazing experience that makes for a great story to tell to the folks back home.

Morocco’s landscapes are breathtaking. Whether you see them from a motorized vehicle, or from the back of a camel. You are sure to be wowed by the experience. But those who are looking for an adventure in Morocco could consider seeing Morocco’s amazing landscapes and city-scapes from a different angle entirely. Morocco from the air could be the adventure of a lifetime. Morocco helicopter tours will allow you to get a bird’s eye view over this magical country.

Helicopter Tours Over Marrakech

Short taster flights will take intrepid adventurers into the skies over the city, or over the palm trees of Marrakech. Located on the northern edge of the city. The Palmeraie is a palm oasis of thousands of trees, covering an area of around 54 square miles. There are now over 100,000 date palms here, as well as olive and fruit trees. Only from the air can you truly get a sense of the scale of this historic plantation.

Marrakech To The Atlas Mountains

Adventurous travelers can take a longer helicopter tour from Marrakech to discover the landscapes and attractions of the Atlas mountains. Flights will often take travelers over Lake Takkerkouste, Ouirgane, Jbel Toubkal, Oukaimeden, and the Ourika Valley.

Lake Takkerkouste

Just a stone’s throw from Marrakech is the man-made reservoir of Lake Takkerkouste. A blue splash nestled in the arid landscape. This manmade lake on the edge of the Agafay Desert was built between 1929 and 1935 under the French protectorate to provide Marrakech and the surrounding cities with electricity, and to irrigate surrounding farmland.


Further on, the Berber village of Ouirgane reposes in a beautiful landscape of stunning greenery, red-earth hills, and lush pine forests. An up and coming destination, Ouirgane is at the heart of the stunning Toubkal National Park.

Mount Toubkal

You will continue over Mount Toubkal, the highest peak of the Atlas Mountains at 4,167m. From the air, you will be able to get a sense of the scale and grandeur of the Toubkal Massif, dusty and arid in the summer months and snow-dusted in the winter.


Next, you may pass over the ski resort of Oukaimeden. In winter, this ski facility operates a ski area served by six ski lifts, at an altitude of between 2,600 and 3,200m.

Ourika Valley

Finally, you will make your way back to Marrakech above the lush Ourika Valley. The Ourika river flows from the High Atlas down towards Marrakech through this stunning valley, with its red and green rocks, and groves of walnuts, willow and poplar trees.

Marrakech to the Desert

Helicopter tours from Marrakech are also available for longer tours into the deserts to the south. Helicopter flights are a swift and exciting way to reach the desert dunes, stunning oases, and historic kasbahs. Multi-day tours will allow you to get a taste of the Sahara with trips to destinations such as Zagora, Merzouga, Erg Chebbi, and Erg Chigaga. Overnight tours will allow you to take a helicopter ride to one of the luxurious camps in the desert, and perhaps to enjoy a camel trek in the dunes before you return to the city.


The desert city of Zagora takes its name from the mountain of the same name which flanks the settlement, nestled in the Draa river valley. Fly south to the Sahara desert and explore the dusty streets, terracotta buildings and huge skies of this part of the country.


Helicopter flights will also take you to another desert city, Merzouga, another fantastic gateway to the desert sands. This small settlement is a jumping off point for further desert adventures – including camel treks to Erg Chebbi and other desert dunes. Nearby is Dayet Srji, a seasonal salt lake and one of the best birdwatching locations in the country.

Erg Chebbi

This huge expanse of sand dunes to the north of Merzouga is one of the most famous and most popular sights in the Moroccan desert. This is the best known of the ergs, or large seas of wind-blown sand dunes located on the semi-arid Pre-Saharan steppes.

Erg Chigaga

Another popular destination is another area of sand dunes, Erg Chigaga, which is located close to M’hamid, around 98 km south of Zagora. Somewhat less visited than Erg Chebbi, these dunes are not as high, though are more remote and wild, giving a real sense of the wilderness and the exotic.

 Marrakech to the Coast

 Helicopter rides from Marrakech will also allow adventurers to fly to one of the beautiful resorts on the coast. Visit Essaouira by air. Spend some time out of the heat of the city exploring this serene coastal settlement and wandering the palm-lined lanes of the old fortified medina or windsurf on the blustery beach. Organized tours or private helicopter transfers are available to this and other settlements along the coast. You could also charter a flight to the beach resorts of Agadir, or north to the historic city of Casablanca.


Essaouira is one of the most popular destinations on the Moroccan coastline. What better way to reach this beach retreat than by air? Fly in by helicopter to this beachside haven and you can enjoy exploring the historic sights, such as the Skala de la Kasbah (18th-century seafront ramparts) and the charming little alleys of the old medina. Morocco’s windy city, this is also the place to come if you want to windsurf.


The beach resort of Agadir is a haven for sun-lovers, known for its crescent-shaped sandy beach and its golf courses and other amenities. There is a seaside promenade here with an array of restaurants, cafes and bars, and the remaining walls of the hilltop Kasbah which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960. Why not take a helicopter tour to spend a little time relaxing by the coast in this popular resort?


A delightful blend of French colonial and art deco architecture characterize this enchanting city – the largest in Morocco. This city could be another enticing destination for a helicopter ride. From the air, you will be able to see the city’s major attractions, such as the huge mosque of Hassan II, while landing will allow you to explore the Mauresque architecture of the downtown, as well as the city’s other historic and cultural attractions.

Consider an exciting Morocco helicopter tour to see this amazing country from the air and see more during your time in the country.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you, please contact our travel agency us for further details.

Transport Services


Travel to Morocco By Road

Should you wish to explore widely throughout Morocco, and travel between the major cities and other major attractions. Need not be an uncomfortable or challenging experience. Our travel agency offers luxury tourist transport in Morocco which allow you to explore Morocco’s road network in style and ease. We offer plenty of chances to travel comfortably in taxi transfers or in luxury, air-conditioned coaches.

You can travel to Morocco‘s major roads, highways and byways, dusty desert streets, palm-lined avenues and high mountain passes in a range of different vehicles. But however you choose to travel and wherever you choose to go. We can help to make sure that you will always do so in comfort and style.

Perhaps you will wish to travel between two or more of Morocco’s former imperial cities – Rabat, Meknes, Marrakech and Fez. You will also, wish to make your way from Marrakech or another major city to explore one of Morocco’s breathtaking National Parks, to see the Berber villages of the Atlas mountains, the ancient kasbahs nestled in lush valleys or in the red expanse of the desert. Perhaps you will want to make your way instead to seek beach fun and cooler temperatures in the resorts of the Moroccan coast.

Travel to Morocco By Boat

If Morocco’s coastline appeals. Then, you could consider visiting one of more coastal destination in the country. Exploring by boat will allow you to see Morocco’s coastline from a different angle, and get to know the various towns and port cities which connect Morocco with its European neighbours and other destinations further afield.

Whether you explore a coastal city on a day tour or excursion from southern Spain, or visit Morocco as part of a longer cruise itinerary. Whether you head for the north coast, or the west coast of the country. We can make sure that all your travels by water go swimmingly, and everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

Connect from Spain and the Mediterranean with boat tours to Tangiers, Ceuta or Melilla, as well as a number of other settlements on the northern coast, or make your way to the western fringes of the country, with boat trips or cruises calling in at ports such as Casablanca, Safi, or Agadir. Travelling to destinations on Morocco’s varied coastline will allow you to discover some of the country’s most enchanting locations.

Travel to Morocco By Air

What better way to make the most of a limited amount of time in Morocco than by travelling by air? If you are trying to cram as much into your itinerary as possible. Then travelling by air between your different destinations can be a great way to save some time. Whether you want to travel between cities, or from your base in one of Morocco’s historic cities to other destinations on the coast, in the Atlas Mountains, or in the desert, helicopter transfers and tours could be a wonderful option.

If you wish to consider helicopter flights as a potential transport option during your stay in the country, we can help make sure that you get the very best experience, and are able to travel hassle free – as free as a bird as you explore Morocco’s amazing landscapes from above.

Luxury helicopter transfers and tours will allow you to get a bird’s eye view of Morocco’s incredible landscapes. This trip let you see the bigger picture. Get a sense of the awe-inspiring majesty and scale of this magical country. From the palm groves of Marrakesh to the lush valleys and soaring peaks of the high Altas range, to the incredible coastline and the sand-stretches and daunting dunes of the southern deserts, travelling by helicopter will give you the chance to see much more than you could ever see from the ground.

Travel Morocco Off the Beaten Track

The transport options do not end there. Our luxury transport services also offer visitors to Morocco the chance to travel off the beaten track and enjoy a range of other, more surprising transport options. Travellers can enjoy a range of other luxury transport options for their Moroccan adventures.

For example, visitors wishing to see the desert and the famous dunes of Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga can set off from Zagora, Merzouga or another desert settlement to explore the sands by 4×4 or on the back of a camel – exciting and unusual ways to explore an incredible landscape in style. Exciting transport options could also include horseback riding adventures on the coast, in the mountains or in the desert.

There are many different ways to get from A to B in Morocco. We, at Top Morocco Travel, can help you tailor make the perfect travel adventure for you. No matter how you prefer to travel, and no matter where in the country you would like to go. We offer the ultimate in luxury tourist transport. So, whatever your personal budget and preferences. You can always find the transport solution that perfectly meets your specific needs.



With colorful Arabian architecture, spectacular mountain peaks and an expanse of sandy desert dunes. Morocco is sure to delight every traveler. When it comes to tourist activities in Morocco, the possibilities are endless. The best part is that you can plan a personalized Morocco tour that suits not only your needs but also your budget. For culture enthusiasts, the ancient medinas in Morocco will capture your interest. For the adventurous traveler, the mesmerizing beauty and various hiking trails of the Atlas Mountain has got you covered.

If you truly want to get the most out of your trip to Morocco, then you need the help of Morocco tour guide services. Exploring the beauties of Morocco with the help of a knowledgeable tour guide means having a local with you at all time to take you to the best places the country has to offer. In many cases, you have the opportunity of visiting incredible sights unknown to many tourists.

By booking a guided tour to Morocco, you can get the most out of your adventure and explore more places than you ever would if you were exploring on your own.

Which Is the Best Tour Guide to Use?

With countless options available, choosing the best Morocco tour guide services can be a daunting task. Your Morocco excursions will be greatly enhanced if you use a reputable Morocco tour guide services. It is, however, important to do your research prior to choosing one. Just as you’d do when shopping online, it’s imperative that you check reviews and experiences of previous travelers.

As you explore the souks and medinas of Morocco, you will be approached by locals offering these services. The truth of the matter is that the majority of these toots are locals looking for ways to make ends meet. It will be in your best interest to politely decline their request For some, they offer speciality tours that focus on cultural attractions, local history or arts while others will provide a more general tour.

Benefits of Using a Tour Guide in Morocco

There are many reasons why you need a tour guide when planning your next trip to Morocco. These experts offer a wide range of services that will enhance any sightseeing trip.
For some, they offer speciality tours that focus on cultural attractions, local history or arts while others will provide a more general tour.

Here Are Some Highlights on The Benefits of Using Morocco Tour Guide Services:

  • They have undergone a series of training. Hence they know how well to treat visitors.
  • If you don’t have much time left then using Morocco tour guides can prove indispensable as they offer amazing services and can take you to the most beautiful sites in the country. This way, you save a lot of time trying to locate the sites on your itinerary.
  • Morocco tour services have extensive knowledge of the most spectacular sites in Morocco and will help you understand the history and culture, especially if you are a history and culture buff.
  • With a local guide, you won’t feel like a foreigner.

Hiring a tour guide on your next trip to Morocco can make a difference to your trip.



If you are looking for the very best accommodation for your holiday in Morocco then you need look no further. We are a Morocco travel agency offering all the best Morocco hotels and riads. The perfect places to repose during your stay in this magical country. Whatever your budget and preferences may be. We can help you to find exactly the right option for you for your time in this wonderful country.

Morocco’s Best Hotels & Riads

Finding the very best hotels & riads is key to enjoying a comfortable and relaxing stay in Morocco. No matter whether you are looking for a perfectly placed accommodation option. In the heart of one of Morocco’s charming medinas, in one of its historic cities, a location on the coast, in the mountains, or in the desert. You are sure to be able to find the perfect option for you.

The best hotels and riads vary considerably in what they offer to discerning guests. But all have certain things in common. All the hotels and riads we offer through our Morocco travel agency offer the perfect blend of comfort and luxury to suit your preferences and budget.

Hotels & Riads in Marrakech

The former imperial city of Marrakech is on many a Moroccan itinerary. If you are planning a visit to this historic city, with its mosques, palaces, gardens and maze-like mediaeval markets and alleyways then finding the right accommodation for your stay should be the first item to tick off your list.

We can offer a range of enticing hotels and riads within the ancient medina, and throughout the city – well placed for exploration of all the major attractions including the souks, the Koutoubia Mosque, the 19th century Bahia Palace and the Majorelle Gardens.

Hotels & Riads in Fez

Another ancient city, Fez is another popular Moroccan city to visit. Often referred to as Morocco’s cultural capital, Fez is another place where you could consider basing yourself during a holiday in this amazing country. Known for the walled medina of Fes el Bal, and for its vibrant souks and historic Marinid architecture, Fes can be the highlight of a visit to Morocco.

We also offer an exciting range of hotels and riads in this city, close to all the enticing attractions of the old medina, such as the 14th century Bou Inania and Al Attarine mausoleum. The craft museum of the historic palace of Dar Batha, and other major sites. Whether you want to stay at the heart of the city, close to all the action, or would rather find somewhere a little quieter and more out of the way, you are sure to be able to find the right accommodation option for you.

Hotels & Riads on the Coast

One way to escape the heat in Morocco is to head for the coast. However you choose to travel you could explore the northern coastal cities of Tangier, Rabat or Casablanca. Each of which offers a range of historic sights and other attractions to explore. Whichever coastal city you choose to spend some time in. We can make sure that you enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay in one of the best hotels or riads.

Should you be venturing further south, you can also find a range of enticing accommodation options in a range of other coastal destinations, such as El Jadida, Oualidia, Essaouira or Agadir. Whether you want to relax on the beach or enjoy a more active holiday enjoying coastal pursuits and water sports. You will be able to find the perfect place to stay on Morocco’s enchanting coastline.

Hotels & Riads in the Atlas Mountains

Another ideal way to escape the heat of a Moroccan summer is to enjoy a retreat in the breathtakingly beautiful Atlas mountains. A range of enticing Berber villages and rural locations afford visitors opportunities to explore this natural environment on hiking holidays, or simply to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Moroccan cities to enjoy a more relaxed and laid-back holiday experience.

Visit the charming mountain villages of Ouirgane, Asni, Imlil as you make your way across the high mountain passes to the walled city of Taroudant or check out the well-preserved Kasbah Aït Benhaddou as you make your way to Ouarzazate. Further north, further enticing settlements await – such as the charming village of Imilchil. No matter where you wish to go in the high Atlas, and however you plan to spend your time there. We can help you find the right accommodation options for you.

Hotels & Riads in the Desert

Those with a taste for adventure may well be drawn to Morocco’s dramatic desert regions. We can help make sure that you enjoy a comfortable and safe stay in this dramatic and extreme environment. Whether you are planning a desert camel trek, or other outdoors adventure on the desert sands. We can help make sure you have somewhere lovely to retire to at the end of each day.

We offer all the best hotels and riads in Zagora, and Draa River Valley, which are perfectly placed for Sahara adventures. Likewise, we have all the best accommodation options in other desert cities, such as Ouarzazate and Merzouga. The perfect bases from which to head out for camel treks, overnight camps and other adventures in the Sahara desert, and from which to visit the famous sand dunes of Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga.

No matter which parts of Morocco you choose to spend your best Morocco tours. No matter which sights, attractions and activities you plan to enjoy. Booking through our Morocco travel agency will help to ensure that you find the very best hotel or riad for your accommodation needs, and enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stay in any part of the country.


Seminars, Events and Conferences in Morocco

Morocco is an excellent place to hold a seminar, conference, meeting or event. We can help you to plan these perfectly, making sure all your needs are met and everything runs smoothly. Whatever your business requires. We can help to make sure that it all goes according to plan and that your time in Morocco is productive and enjoyable..

Choice of Place

Each and every business or client will have differing needs and concepts. We understand this and can work to tailor an occasion venue to your specific requirements. Our large database provides us with the ability to co-operate with a wide range of venues for accommodation and events, and to supply every client or business with a place or places that is or are ideally suited to their specific needs. We will work with you to determine a budget as well as your other needs and preferences, to find the professional venue that is right for your event.

Event Planning

When you choose to hold your business occasion in Morocco, we can offer an in-depth planning service. We will provide conference schedules, budgeting and a total post-analysis of each event. We will undertake all design and preparation work to make sure that your ideal venue is perfect for your needs. What is more, we will undertake registration of all attending individuals, explanatory pre-event conferences for collaborating corporations, the creation of guidelines for each of them, as well as arranging any necessary decorations for your venues.

Sound & Multimedia

In addition to arranging and planning the major logistical, planning and design elements of your seminar, conference, meeting or event, we will also take care of all sound and multimedia requirements. We will make sure you have all the basic equipment you require for your event or presentations. Since there is nothing more embarrassing than a technical problem on the big day. We will also provide technical support for sound and multimedia equipment during your event. So, you can relax and rest assured that everything will operate as it should

Event Materials Making

We understand that the event itself can often be the culmination of a longer effort, involving a process of advertising and outreach. Should you require advice on the creation of a conference logo, advertising materials or other marketing material for your business. We can also help you with these items, to make sure everything goes smoothly throughout the run-up to your professional event. Our design and advertising expertise can help you to create a professional and top notch impression from the very beginning of your event right through to its successful conclusion.


Food is another important element when arranging a business event. No matter what your requirements with regard to venue and other details. We are ready to assist you in feeding those who gather for the occasion. We can effectively control all suppliers, and make sure that food and beverage requirements are met, as well as making dining or other food arrangements with the selected venue. Working within your specific budget and requirements, and meeting any specific requests that you may have with regards to food and drink. We will cater your event from beginning to end.


Accommodation, in conjunction with venue, is likely to be one of the key priorities when arranging a conference, seminar, meeting or other professional event. Whether you are looking for a top end, luxury accommodation option, or something more suited to a more limited budget. We can help to arrange exactly what you are looking for. We understand the importance of having the right accommodation for those who will attend, and can help you to make sure that you find the right hotel options for your staff and or clients. No matter your needs and desires. We can find and arrange the accommodation that is perfect for your requirements, preferences and budget


We aim to make sure that everything goes smoothly for each and every attending individual from their arrival in Morocco right through to their eventual departure, and at every stage along the way. Therfore, We provide transfers for guests to their accommodation upon arrival, and from accommodation to their point of departure when the event is over. Also, we take care of all transportation between hotels and other venues throughout the entirety of any planned event. Through efficient planning and organisation. We can help get everyone where they need to be and make sure everything runs according to schedule.

Entertainment Programs

We understand that all work and no play does not usually make for a successful business event. So, Morocco is an enticing place to visit. In addition to arranging for and planning all the essential elements of your seminar, conference, meeting or other professional event. We will provide entertainment programs catering to your specific needs, to make sure you and other attendees can make the most of your time in the country. We can arrange a wide array of different visits, conferences and leisure tours with a variety of different itineraries. Wine tourist guides and wine tastings, lunches or dinners, as well as other entertainment programs can be selected. So, you can always make sure that everyone has a great time.

Our end to end service means that we can be your go-to for all your seminars, conferences, meetings and business events in Morocco. Contact us, and you can rest assured that your professional event will go without a hitch and that you will have a great time while visiting this magical country.

Cruises To Morocco

Morocco’s Magical Coastline


There are many different ways to explore Morocco – but one option is often overlooked. Many people are unaware of all the excellent options that will allow them to explore Morocco’s magical coastline by boat. Many different cruise lines offer cruises to Morocco or broader itineraries that call at one or more of Morocco’s ports as part of a longer voyage. You can also reach parts of Morocco’s 1,200 mile long coastline on Morocco ferries tours from southern Spain or other ports of the Mediterranean.


Most cruises which have at least one port of call in Morocco will call at one of the following ports: Agadir, Safi, Casablanca, Tangier, Ceuta and/or Melilla.

Agadir’s main attraction is its beautiful crescent-shaped beach, and this is a popular resort destination. For the more adventurous. Agadir is also the gateway to the coastal Souss-Massa National Park, and to Taroudant and the southern desert areas inland, with their dunes and oases which can be explored by camel, by jeep or in a range of other ways. Imouzzer’s ‘Paradise Valley’ is another popular excursion. You can also take tours to Marrakesh from here or any of the other coastal destinations.

Halfway between Agadir and Casablanca, Safi is a port for those who want to explore this central portion of the Atlantic Coast. Visitors can explore the central medina and Dar el Bahar castle. They can also head down the coast to beautiful Essaouira or north towards Oualida for the best beaches.

Casablanca is Morocco’s biggest city – a bustling port with plenty going on and lots to see and do. You won’t miss the enormous Hassan II Mosque, and plenty of tour options will also allow you to explore the Old Medina – all there was of the city before around 1907 – and other sights. Those interested in Morocco’s historic cities could also consider tours from here to Fez, or Rabat, or another of the country’s imperial cities.

Tangier is as the ‘gateway to Africa’ and is an interesting destination in its own right. Here you can find a dynamic and diverse city, with a well-preserved medina and a kasbah with excellent views over to Gibraltar and neighbouring Spain.


The other way to reach and explore some of Morocco’s northern coastline is on a ferry tour from the resorts of Southern Spain. One day excursions from Tarifa, or Cadiz or other departure points in southern Spain will allow you to visit Tangiers. Other ferry tour options will take visitors to Asilah or Tetuan, or to other, smaller coastal destinations where you can get a taste of authentic and traditional Moroccan culture.

These are just some of the many enticing destinations on Morocco’s magical coast that you can visit. The cruise and ferry options outlined above are just some of many ways to see what this amazing country is all about.

To book your Morocco Ferries online, Please contact us for more information about prices & availability.


Places to visit in Marrakech: Jamma El Fna square

We offer you a variety of Morocco day trips & excursions, to discover the most beautiful fantastic aspects about Morocco. We are able to take you on a genuine day trip to the seaside, Atlas Mountains or to the Saharan desert.


Discover the charming ‘white’ city of Tetouan, affectionately referred to as ‘the daughter of Granada’ dominated by the Hispanic-influenced structure. Having served as the capital of the Spanish Protectorate, the town’s structure includes a mix of Moroccan and Andalusian influences. Its medina has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site for its shaded alleyways, mosques & its distinctive show of colors, and it’s considered one of the best-maintained historic websites in Morocco. After strolling across the three-mile lengthy partitions of the previous city, you will be able to head to the Nationwide Institute of Fantastic Arts, before heading to Cabo Negro which is a picturesque seashore on the Mediterranean coast.

Fez Guided City Tour

A guided tour of Fez is a necessity during your trip. See the soul of Morocco on this sightseeing tour of Fez, the religious and cultural capital of this North African nation for more than 1000 years. It is among the largest medieval cities in the world. The Medina of Fez is a total community of winding alleys and a World Heritage site. Savor its vibrant ambiance that has remained virtually unchanged down the centuries. Your city tour will take us to the labyrinth slender streets of the old Medina one the most ancient monuments ever made. Then we are going to the oldest Islamic school in the world, the Bounania koranic school, the tannery, the oldest Jewish quarter in Morocco and the magnificent sanctuary of Moulay Idriss II.

Meknes Day Trip

Departure from Fez to the Imperial city of Meknes. Driving throughout the plain you will notice huge areas composed of vineyards which produce good high-quality wine. It may actually take as much as up to three hours in Meknes to discover its fascinating historic sites. We are going to begin by visiting the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail with Bab El Mansour, the large gate which is the doorway to the old city and the Jewish quarter, the Royal Granaries & the town ramparts. We proceed to admire the village of Moulay Idriss, the nation’s most religious site and a spot of pilgrimage, as it is where the tomb of Moulay Idriss is located, a distinguished Moroccan saint in the late 8th century and a grandson of the prophet of Islam Mohammed.

Sefrou & Bhalil Day Trip

The small city of Sefrou was a Jewish sanctuary in the past. The town is dominated by white homes with their beautiful designs, however usually with terraces which can be typically unusual in Morocco. Now Sefrou is asserted as a UNESCO Heritage site for its Cherry Competition that takes place yearly every month of June… Later you will go to Bhalil a really charming small village with a big historical past, set on a hill 6Km northwest of Sefrou. The old Berber households of Bhalil nonetheless reside in cave homes carved by the Roman centurions in the past. Though they aren’t as fashionable as they used to be. However, they still are very seducing locations.

Casablanca Guided City Tour

Going to Casablanca is visiting the trendy metropolis which delights the lovers of architectural structure from the beginning of the 20th century. We are going to visit the iconic Hassan II Mosque the second largest mosque in the world famous for its exquisite murals and its tall minaret. It is usually one of many few mosques allowing visits by non-Muslims. Take pleasure in an inside guided tour, after which we drive alongside the coastal street, this coast is Casablanca’s seaside resort. Within the night the nightclubs are full of life for you to enjoy yourself. Then go to visit the best residential district of Anfa one of many luxurious areas within the metropolis. Later we go to the well-known Place Mohamed V and the Habbous Quarter.

Rabat Guided City Tour

Rabat is the image of modern Morocco. The city is the headquarters of the federal government, parliament, ministries, and administrations. It was additionally the primary university metropolis within the nation. The town benefits from a vital archaeological heritage dating back to the 12th century. Your guide will escort you on a stroll across the picturesque Almohad northern parts of the Oudaya Kasbah. The kasbah was constructed by Moulay Ismaïl from 1672 to 1727 in order to guard the town and is enclosed by ramparts built by the Almohad dynasty. See the Museum of Oudaya, Moulay Ismaïl’s palace exhibiting collections of Moroccan artists artwork.

El Jadida Day Trip

The previous Mazagan grew to become El Jadida city (the New city) in 1815. The Portuguese constructed town was the stronghold of supplies and offers a great view of the city. Previously forgotten, it was rediscovered by pure chance in 1916. The sunshine lights up the middle of this underground chamber supported by 5 rows of columns. A wonderful setting, the place was a host to movies filming there like Othello by Orson Welles and Harem by Arthur Joffé. By continuing your stroll you will come across the church of the Assumption which was transformed into a mosque with a new shiny minaret. It is one of the rare pentagonal mosques in the world.

Agadir Guided City Tour

Agadir is a well-liked vacation spot for those looking for the sun in winter! With its stunning sandy seashore and its 300 days of sunshine a year, this tour takes you to discover the beachside, the stylish Marina, and into the busy port to see the different types of fishing boats. You will then be able to uncover each historical and fashionable aspect of Agadir, whereas learning fascinating details in regards to the city’s historical past while admiring the panoramic views from the Kasbah fortress. Also, go to the downtown as you take a stroll in the middle of Mohamed V Boulevard. The best stops along the way include the Mohamed V Mosque, St Ann’s Church, the Beth El Synagogue, and the walled Souk (market) El Had.

Taroudant & Tiout Day Trip

Take a journey to the small village of Tiout, which is nestled on the foot of the Atlas Mountains within the lovely Souss Valley to the North of the Anti Atlas Mountains, a walled Berber market city generally known as the “pearl of the Souss” where you can spend the afternoon discovering the traditional capital of the Saadian Dynasty; wander the native markets and admire the work of the native craftsmen who produce items with leather-based, copper, and silver components. Experience the pure Moroccan tradition on first-hand with this tour, go to the red-walled city of Taroudant. The city’s essential points of attraction are its various boroughs, the souks and the dramatic backdrop of the Atlas mountains.

Imouzzer Day Trip

From majestic palm trees to waterfalls and canyons, this tour takes you to a spot of excellent pure magnificence. Take a stroll deep into the dramatic surroundings and go to Imouzzer, famous for its unique honey. Discover the foothills and rocky hillsides and banana groves. Go to the Paradise Valley the place Jimi Hendrix and associates visited during the 1960s. Spend some pure time with the pleasant Berber inhabitants of Imouzzer. Go to the well-known waterfalls and nice clean swimming pools cradled within the limestone rock. Also the Imouzzer’s conventional weekly market gives you the opportunity to purchase Berber handicrafts at cheap countryside costs.

Agadir Fantasia Show

The Agadir fantasia show is a journey into the colors and sounds of wealthy Morocco and its tradition. Folklore groups from seven areas of Morocco are there to make your vacation even better. Discover a wide variety of sounds and rhythms. You will carry a magic worthy of fairy tales which will make you discover the most lovely aspects of Moroccan craftsmanship, you will be warmly welcomed and transported to a magical Arabian Night with the multi-talented teams of traditional artists from completely different regions of Morocco for a festive night agenda including Horse riding professionals equipped with their traditionally adorned rifles, acrobats, magicians, female bellydancers, musicians… All of this takes place while you taste the best meals of the Moroccan cuisine in the open air.

Morocco Excursions

We offer you a terrific variety of morocco daytrips & excursions to discover the most unique aspects about Morocco. We are able to take you on genuine day trips
to the seaside, Atlas Mountains or to the Saharan desert.

Marrakech Guided City Tour

Experience the colors, monuments and the tradition of the « red » city with an official, skilled Marrakech tour guide who will be capable of offering you the wealthy historical past of Marrakech. On this guided Marrakech, you will discover its monuments and night lifetime which is very enjoyable. This complete full day tour gives you the absolute best experience of the old Medina! You will benefit from the architectural wonders of Marrakech, from the Koutoubia Tour, to the Ben Youssef’s coranic school. You will additionally go to the old Jewish Quarter, Bahia palace, The historic Saadians tombs, before taking a stroll in the well-known square of Djemaa el Fna, Africa’s most well-known assembly place.

Ourika Valley Day Trip

This full day trip begins with a really picturesque drive from Marrakech by through the Gorge of Ourika valley, nestled deep within the Atlas Mountains, A favourite weekend escape for native Moroccans, the Valley attracts guests with a welcoming ambiance of tiny villages, steep hillsides, and luxurious gardens filled with water, along with its magnificent waterfalls and the cool shade of fruit timber, close to the village of Setti Fatma. It is in this village where you can for a stroll to the seven waterfalls. On Mondays you may visit the weekly Berber souk, which is an interesting place to see the agricultural life and native commerce. You can also go to a Berber home for a glass of tea.

Imlil & High Atlas Day Trip

Imlil, an enthralling little mountain village, is the obligatory passage for all walkers who want to undertake the 4167m Mount Toubkal. This picturesque drive will take you alongside the Ouirgane Valley earlier before detouring to Imlil, this Berber village deserves a tour to discover the ambiance of the mountain Berbers that lies on the sting of the Toubkal Nationwide Park, the very best mountain within the Atlas mountains, to benefit from the attractive landscapes and to wander around this small and conventional Berber village. The environment of Imlil is glorious, you just have to wear some comfy sport footwear for this, our tour guide will accompany you for a stroll amidst the Berber villages.

Plateau of Kik Day Trip

The drive will take us in the direction of the Dam of Lalla Takarkoust on the Nfis River, a ravishing panorama on the Atlas Mountains. We will be a passing by a number of Berber villages, located on the foot of the Atlas Mountains. We proceed to the plateau of Kik; a really lovely panorama having the lake as its centre. After this, we visit the holy village “Saint Moulay Brahim”. Later we arrive to the gorgeous spot of Asni Ouirgane, with a splendid sight of Toubkal Mount . Leaving Asni, we are going through the pass of Tizi n’tichka, on the road to Marrakech, passing by the gorges of Moulay Brahim. At Tahanaoute village there’s a small road taking us directly to the valley of Ourika where you can have your delicious lunch.

Oukaimden Day trip

Go on a tour to Oukaimden, particularly suited to those who love mountain sports activities. Situated a mere 75 km outside of Marrakech the place is considered one of a handful of locations all through Morocco where snowboarding is feasible through the winter months of January and February. Oukaimden can also be a residence to Africa’s highest and greatest geared up ski winter resort within the Atlas Mountains, and transports its passengers to heights of greater than 250 m, offering spectacular views alongside the way. Aside from its selection of winter sports activities, Oukaimden the ski resort extends over a plateau with a space of 300Ha. It additionally presents an unbeatable number of mountain climbing trails, rock carvings dating back to 4000 years.

Marrakech Fantasia Show

Your Fantasia dinner show takes place in the spectacular ‘Chez Ali’ restaurant, with a multi-colored extravaganza, accompanied by a typical Moroccan feast served in an open-air setting, seated on cushions encircling the big enviornment. You will be tasting a standard Moroccan meal, accompanied by typical Arabic music. You will profit from genuine Moroccan meals served to you beneath conventional Caidal tents with cups of tasty mint tea and Moroccan pastries. The oriental dancers and the fantasia show are unforgettable, just like the old fairytales coming to life!!

Essaouira Day Trip

Essaouira is Morocco’s most charming and engaging coastal city. Discover the gorgeous seaside city of Essaouira on a full-day-tour, known for its blue and white, artwork galleries, wooden workshops, fishermen and vibrant boats all enclosed in historic pink partitions. Essaouira is a town that mystically fascinates the Artists, the authors and the musicians everywhere in the world. It is dealing with a bunch of rocky islands and is surrounded by sandy seashores and dunes. In the summer season many individuals from massive cities come for a day or two to flee the heat and rigidity of Casablanca and Marrakech.

Ouzoud Falls Day Trip

This full day will take you to essentially the most well-known and delightful waterfalls of Morocco, positioned in an opulent valley, inside pleasant Berber villages where are three stunning tiered waterfalls with a sequence of spectacular large to slim plunges that rush from a top of 110 meters into the river. Go on a trek alongs,de the river in the caves and Gorges and benefit from the pure surroundings. Take footage to seize the essence of the gorgeous landscape and the rainbows that always seem close to the underside of the falls. In the summertime, enjoy a picnic and mingle with Marrakshis that visit this peaceful place on the weekends. Waterfalls are residence to groups of Barbary apes and quite a lot of native avian species.

Ouarzazate Day Trip

Take pleasure in breathtaking views of valleys and desert landscapes with spectacular surroundings from the Atlas Mountains ! The tour begins with a drive by way of the fertile countryside of the Haouz Plain and continues with a drive up and throughout the Atlas Mountains over the Tizi N’Tichka pass (6,600 ft) where you can admire spectacular views of mountains and semi-desert terrain topped by kasbahs and traditional houses. On the opposite aspect of the mountain pass, there are purple clay villages and greenery that lead us to the Ait Ben Haddou kasbah declared by UNESCO to be a historic treasure. Afterwards we go to the gorgeous city of Ouarzazate, a city with typical Kasbah-style structure.

Tangier Guided City Tour

Uncover this seaside city’s wealthy historical past and traditions. The tour of Tangier includes a panoramic sightseeing and its environment. In addition to Spartel Cape on the North-West of Africa and Hercules Caves that are related to the legend of Hercules being the one separated Africa from Europe. From this level of Africa you possibly can have a distinctive view of of Gibraltar and the Atlantic ocean. Then go to the Kasbah district next to the port, the old Medina with its craftsmanship retailers and an impressive minaret overlooking the ocean. A little further, you can find the small Socco the place a large number of small resorts which in the past accommodated well-known artists and writers.

Chefchaouen Day Trip

Chefchaouen is a superb place to get away from the hubbub of Morocco’s imperial cities and relax for a day or two. Situated in northern Morocco, is the most important city in Morocco’s Rif area and one of the vital stunning cities of the Rif mountains. It is a mountain massif and the final rampart before the Mediterranean and the Iberian Peninsula. It is well-known for its shady valleys and Medina, its white homes with blue doorways and iron home windows and tile roofs. The native markets of (Chaouen) are bustling with historically dressed locals and quite a lot of items superbly displayed. Chaouen gives the guests an appeal of a city which has preserved the Arab-Andalusian artwork and traditions.

Asilah Day Trip

Asilah, located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean could also be Morocco’s greatest well-kept secret. Positioned southeast of Tangier and Tetouan, you will discover its laid-back ambiance and different places to go to. The great thing about this city is its white and blue partitions enclosed by defensive walls constructed by the Portuguese back in the 15th century. Inside these partitions one can find a city that is washed in white and blue, well-known for its paintings and its seashores. The town has a wealthy old harbor which was a buying and selling point for the Phoenicians. The city was later underneath siege and overrun by the Romans, the Byzantines and the Carpathians. In the present day, Asilah is extremely stylized thanks to its artwork and music and is the host of an annual big artwork competition.

Morocco Golf Itinerary Tour


Golfers all over the world know that Morocco is an ideal residence to Africa’s most breathtaking golf programs. As a vacation spot, Morocco is legendary for its unbelievable pure magnificence and huge open areas – the proper location to your perfect golf vacation.
Morocco with its Mediterranean local weather and spectacular nature can present a heavenly setting for the tourists and golf gamers. Whether or not you’re a skilled participant or a devoted newbie of the sport, Morocco will give you an experience that’s distinctive all year long.
Benefit from more than twenty golf courses designed by worldwide masters like Robert Trent Jones, Jack Nicklaus, and Cabell B. Robinson awaits you in Morocco, the main competitions appeal to golfers from all around the world, essentially the most well-known is the Hassan II trophy, held on the well-known pink course on the Royal Golf Dar Es-Salam in Rabat, categorized among the many most spectacular golf courses in the world.
Take pleasure during your golf session on a few of the world’s most fascinating and difficult courses and let TopMoroccoTravel be your accomplice in your journey and make it a memorable golf holiday in Morocco.


Royal Golf Membership (18 holes)

It is totally magical for any golfer to play on this extraordinarily stunning course of Marrakech, which is 6200 m of length, with a handicap of 72. It’s positioned on the foot of the snow capped Atlas mountains. Gap 15 will astonish many golfers as a result of its hillocks of grass that encompass a bunker which conceals it. Apart from that, regardless of how fortunate you are, the angles are marked and restricted by beautiful palm bushes.

Golf Palm grove (18 holes)

The golf course (18 holes, 6214 m and handicap 72), is positioned in a beautiful resort, that of the Palmeraie Gardens, designed by Robert Trent Jones, stretches over more than 77 hectares. The distinctive panorama is refreshed by seven lakes, inviting you to play the most effective golf rounds in the world.

Membership Amelkis (18 holes)

It is among the most up-to-date golf courses in Morocco. With its 18 holes, 6657 m size, and handicap 72, it is going to seduce you with its magnificence and the complexity of its course.


Royal Golf Membership (09 holes)

Positioned within the heart of the imperial city built by Sultan Moulay Ismaïl, precisely within the gardens of the Royal Palace, this 9-holes golf course will enchant the golfer by the great thing about its hyperlinks, bordered with gardens of flowers, plum timber, orange and palm timber. It is among a very few golf courses that enable night time play.


Royal Golf Membership (09 holes)

12 Km away from downtown Agadir, is located one of the most well-known golf courses of Morocco. The greens are massive, nicely defended by deep bunkers and lined with palm bushes making up angles. Its extension to 18 holes might be accomplished shortly. On the finish of the golf spherical, golfers can meet and touch upon their achievements whereas having mint tea on the panoramic club-house.

Golf of the Dunes (27 holes)

Cabell B. Robinson who designed this 27-holes course launched an outstanding variety of surprises. You may be attracted by the gorgeous piece of jewellery which is the opening eight of the blue course. It is perched on the highest hill bristling with bunkers. You will benefit from the unimpeded outlook over Inezgane. The wadi, or yellow course, requires extra ability due to the narrowness of hyperlinks.

Golf du Soleil (27 holes)

Made of 27 holes, 8955 m of length and a handicap 72, it stretches over more than 85 hectares. The eucalyptus, tamarisk, mimosas and palm bushes will accompany you all through the spherical area. Three excellent lakes cowl a floor space of 65 hectares, composed of 6 holes. Fascinated by the Moroccan Atlantic Coast, the designer, Fernando Muell, gave free rein to his creativeness, sculpting a distinctive masterpiece with undulating courses and sloping greens.


Royal Golf Club (09 holes)

Designed by David Cohen around a big calm lake populated with carps and geese, the Royal Golf of Benslimane will attract golfers who are searching for nature and peace. Pine and eucalyptus bushes and flowered meadows embellish the hyperlinks. To dominate the 5 holes defended by water obstacles, golfers ought to present energy and accuracy.


Anfa Royal Golf (09 holes)

Anfa Royal Golf is situated within the heart of Casablanca, on the hills of Anfa. “Casablanca’s Beverly Hills” Golfers and horse riders share the same area. It is 2710 m of length and comparatively straightforward golf course with a handicap of 35 appropriate for professionals in addition to rookies, which nonetheless requires some expertise and creativeness due to the presence of timber and flowers within the fairways.


Royal Golf Membership (18 holes)

6270m of length, this 18 holes is likely one of the most interesting items of the dominion’s golf courses. The stimulating fragrance of pine and cypress timber introduced by the gentle sea winds, in addition to the magnificent monkey puzzle timber that line up like unusual pure sculptures alongside the spherical of gap 14 will fill many golfers with surprise. Designed and achieved by Cabell B. Robinson, it has all the time charmed the golfers who like nature and wonder.


Royal Golf Membership (09 holes)

Surrounded with huge ramparts, this 9-holes and 3168 m golf course is legendary for its bunker of 1200 sq. meters. It is going to enchant you by its sloping greens and its undulating fairways, also its location Fez, is essentially the most highly effective and religious city of Morocco.


Royal Golf Membership Dar Es-Salam (45 holes)

Situated south-east of Rabat, the 45 holes of the Royal Golf Dar Es-Salam is a dream for a lot of golfers worldwide. The Moroccan Royal Golf Federation, in addition to the Hassan II Trophy which is hosted annually in Rabat has given this golf course an excellent worldwide status. Designed by Robert Trent Jones who gave free rein to his creativeness, it’s a pure pleasure for all golfers out there!


Royal Golf Membership (18 holes)

Created within the 1920’s, the Royal Golf Membership of Mohammedia is taken into account as one of the most stunning golf courses in all the Kingdom. Situated on the ocean shore, 17 KM from Casablanca, it discloses the splendor of its 18 holes alongside the 5917 m that make up the course. Closely bulbous due to its proximity to the ocean, it requires some feats on the part of the golfers, particularly if their ball falls on the sand dunes that are coated with cactus. Experimented members of the Moroccan membership would usually advise you to play gap 12 with energy and gap 16 with delicacy.


Royal Golf Membership (09 holes)

This is one that we could name ” within the desert”!, the magnificent Atlas mountains, with their everlasting snow, will be seen from numerous sides of this 3150 m golf. The course is sort of distinctive as a result of it being situated on the gates of the desert the place the Kasbahs tour begins. To play on this course is extremely fascinating and complicated. The undulating fairways, embellished with a wonderful lake will certainly enchant many golfers.

Morocco Honeymoon Itinerary Tour

Morocco honeymoon tours : couple in beach
Detailed Itinerary Tour

Planning a luxurious moroccan honeymoon or a romantic escape? Then let TopMoroccoTravel make it easier to take pleasure in a romantic getaway for 2 in Morocco!
Morocco is a perfect vacation spot for those who need some time-out collectively, notably for honeymooners who need a particular service to mark such a magical time. Discover romance in your beautifully-appointed room, breakfast in bed, delicious lunch in your personal balcony, the spa bathtub in your own suite, also the champagne you enjoy during or after you night meal.
So if you think about romance, you possibly can rest assured because we will maintain every nice little thing for you, making certain you could have loads of time to take pleasure with your companion on this romantic and special day.

Day 01
Casablanca − Marrakech

Start your Morocco tour as soon as you arrive to Casablanca Airport and meet your driver to begin your Morocco journey with a city tour of Casablanca. Start with the Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca’s most spectacular sight. Built in 1993, the Hassan II is likely one of the largest mosques in the world and the only one that non-Muslims can visit. Proceed to Mohamed V Sq., positioned within downtown and surrounded by splendid examples of the design type referred to as Moresque, which mixes Moroccan and French architectural textures. Admire the Panoramic tour alongside the seaside, the harbour space, the Mohamed V sq. and the luxurious residential space of Anfa. After your Casablanca tour, Proceed on to Marrakech.

In a single day

Day 02
Marrakech Sightseeing Tour

After breakfast, our tour takes us to the Koutoubia Minaret one of the largest, most stunning mosques within the Muslim world. Its 225 foot tall minaret is a Hispano-Moresque masterpiece that’s similar to the Giralda of Seville. Additionally on the agenda are visits to the Bahia Palace that was constructed within the late 19th century in a two acre backyard. The Saadian Tombs with their delicate decorations and pure architectural strains which are believed to be a phenomenal feat of structure. The Menara Gardens with 250 acres stuffed with olive bushes surrounding a big central lake that dates back to the 12th century. We continue our sightseeing in the Djemaa el-Fna, Marrakech’s predominant square. This superb market appears straight out of Hollywood, with peddlers, musicians, dancers, acrobats, magicians, snake charmers, storytellers and entertainers with performing monkeys.

In a single day

Day 03
Marrakech − Imlil High Atlas Mountains

The journey takes us to Imlil into the Atlas Mountains to see an enormous array of vegetation, colored rock cliffs, mountain streams, Berber villages, native mountain folks and conventional rural markets. You arrive to the village of Imlil, a necessary provisioning base for these occurring treks into the mountains. Right there we go for a stroll or on a mule the remaining couple of minutes up the valley to the Kasbah of Toubkal. Initially the kasbah of a local tribal ruler, Kasbah of Toubkal has now been restored and transformed into a really comfy resort with spectacular views of the encompassing mountains and valleys.

In a single day

Day 04
Imlil High Atlas Mountains

A free Day where you have ve the choice to loosen up and unwind, maybe with a visit to the Kasbah’s conventional hammam (steam bathtub), or you may take a brief stroll / mule trip to one of the many close by villages to benefit from the Berbers people’s favorite pastime: tasting some nice mint tea.

In a single day

Day 05
Imlil High Atlas Mountains − Essaouira

We take a trip to Essaouira, a picturesque fishing city on the southwest coast of Morocco. With a beautiful seashore, Essaouira has grown to be one of Morocco’s hottest coastal cities. Lots of the nations wooden carvers and artists make Essaouira their house. You will be visiting an Argan Oil Cooperative Farm (argan oil is located solely in Morocco and no other place in the world). Lunch will probably be served in one of many seafood restaurants within the medina or the port.

In a single day

Day 06
Essaouira Sightseeing Tour

In The morning have fun during a guided city tour, benefiting from all the highlights of Essaouira. The ramparts, the port, the dance of the cawing seagulls, the immense seaside, and the fragrance of the ocean air… Because of the ocean breeze, Essaouira profits from cool air. Grant your self a common pleasure: taste the grilled sardines or a small lobster within the port. Their freshness is incomparable and the ambiance perpetually engraved in your reminiscence… Then, return to the city by the Bab El Marsa gate. The Sqala of the Kasbah, the artillery platform on the ramparts, presents from its north bastion an incomparable view throughout the medina, a UNESCO-listed World Heritage site. A number of the Kingdom’s most well-known marquetry craftsmen and cupboard makers have based their workshops there: their work is of an uncommon intricacy. You will simply discover the thing that may eternally symbolize Essaouira. Before ending our tour, you may benefit from the quite and energetic café terraces and restaurants within the Moulay El Hassan famous square.


Day 07

Free time, enjoy it on your own… (Optional cooking class or spa & hammam)

Day 08
Essaouira − Agadir

After your morning breakfast departure from Essaouira heading out in direction of Agadir profiting from the stunning drive alongside the Atlantic shoreline. A break for lunch and spend your afternoon admiring this fascinating city and its seashores.

Day 09

Uncover Agadir on this guided city tour. This sightseeing tour takes you alongside the beachside stroll, via the stylish Marina, and into the busy port to see the varied forms of fishing boats. Uncover each historical and fashionable aspect of Agadir, while learning about some fascinating information concerning the city’s historical past, and absorbing sweeping panoramic views from the Kasbah fortress. Discover downtown as you journey alongside the Mohamed V Boulevard, the Wilaya (the Headquarters of the king’s regional consultant), and thru residential neighborhoods. The best stops alongside the way include the Mohamed V Mosque, St Ann’s Church, the Beth El Synagogue, and the walled Souk El Had market – free time to discover the market and take a look is included. On the return journey, your guide will show you numerous different points of interest and native landmarks.

Day 10

Free time, enjoy it on your own… (Optional daytrips, Fantasia dinner show, cooking class or spa & Hammam)

Day 11
Agadir/Marrakech Airport

Private transfer to either Agadir or Marrakech airport for your return home.

  • You can modify the itinerary according to your specific budget, dates, interests or cities of arrival or departure
  • The tour can be shortened, extended or modified to end wherever as the guests wish
  • Private air-conditioned vehicle
  • Private English speaking driver for the entire trip
  • First class accommodation at 3* / 4* / 5*/ 5*L Hotel / Riad
  • Daily breakfasts & some dinners
  • 4 wheels drive to Merzouga dunes
  • Camel trek
  • Certified tour guide in Marrakech, Essaouira, Agadir
  • Entrance fees to historical sites / museums
  • Departure transfer
  • International air fare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Lunches / drinks
  • Personal spending
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